Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Last Few Weeks in a Few Sentences

I haven't been writing becaus I have been so busy living my life. That and well, the last few days have been very stressful with all my responsibilities. I thank the Lord for giving me the strength so that I may deliver.

Happy Sea-leventh!
Last April 5, 2006, I celebrated with my baby our eleventh month together. We had dinner at Dampa's Trinity. I did not know where he was taking me until a few minutes before we got to Dampa. I have been longing to eat at Dampa and he surprised me by taking me there. I got to taste their super yummy enselada which is now my new favorite. They overcooked my favorite inihaw na sugpo but it was still good for me hehe... I ate almost all the 1Kg of Sugpo. We had a seafood feast, My baby got three jumbo tilapias and lots of calamares! I was so full. I felt like I was just going to be rolled out of Trinity like a beach ball. After eating I just had to stand up because I was so full. I felt so guilty after. :D

Thank you baby for the wonderful eleven months. I know sometimes it's difficult for you but thank you for always understanding me. I love you soh much! I am truly blessed. I look forward for more months with you.

I am really having a difficult time trying to recall what I have been doing the past few weeks I have not blogged. So let me try to see what movies I have seen these past few weeks.

Eight Below
The dogs were awfully cute. The dogs will really steal your hearts. I thought it was going to be super corny but it wasn't. It turned out okay. I did not realize some dogs can act better than some human actors I know. The movie was a bit gruesome and violent for kids though. I mean there's a part there where the dogs ate parts of a Killer Whale. What about kids who have seen Free Willy huh? Won't they think that was Free Willy they were devouring? Disturbing.

D' Lucky Ones
My sister asked me to accompany her to see the movie. It was sheer torture. I do not know why they come up with movies such as this. I have to commend Ms. Eugene though, she did a really good job. All the rest of the cast I think lacked something and she was not able to carry them all.

I can't recall other films I have seen so maybe these are all the films I have seen over the last few weeks. I am doubtful but I can't recall anymore films.

Stainless Longanisa
A new book by one of my favorite authers, Bob Ong. Another good book. I could not put it down. It's a very easy read anyway if you have a sense of humor. It's a funny but a profound book. It had a sad ending for fans like me though. :)

Scarlet Letter
Christi Fermin is Nathaniel Hawthorne reincarnated. Okay, pardon the exaggeration but really sometimes it feels that way. He is very wordy to the point that you will have to pause to catch your breath even when you're not reading aloud. He is gifted with abundance of words and I know he chose them carefully but to use them all in one sentence should be a crime. Then again who am I to judge a classic. I have not finished it yet since I am still catching my breath from the last chapter that I finished. :)


I had to spend time away from all other leisurely activities because I had to focus on my duties as a teacher, CCS-Pagkamulat coordinator, Summer Camp facilitator and Practicum coordinator.

It's a nightmare that I am yet to wake up from. Hehe... Sometimes I am just so exhausted from doing all that I have to but realize everything will come to pass.

I have recently joined together with my mom and sister the Musubi Aikido Practitioners of the Philippines. We have been attending classes for weeks now. Currently, I am at the 5th kyu. After 30 sessions I'm going to try for the dirty white belt, we'll see. So far, I am having fun. It's very exhausting since one session lasts 2.5 to 3 hours. I have learned some basic moves. I have yet to perfect them but it's a good start. I am still swimming and doing crunches and climbing stairs. Hopefully I'll lose weight soon!

Splash Island
It' pretty ironic that we were able to visit Disney World's Blizzard Beach way before we got to visit our very own Splash Island! We went just last Saturday and I had a blast. When you're a teacher, I guess you can never escape your students! I saw a student at the wave pool while the waves were on and I was wearing goggles. Wow!

Car Show
I went to a car show at the World Trade center. I had fun ogling at cars I can't afford. :) I took pictures of them with the Canon IXUS 750 that my dad bought me. I keep on forgetting. I need to charge the camera! I ran out of bat 15 minutes into the car show so i had to make do with my 6630. :) I saw a student in that auto show too! See? What did I tell you? My beau had fun taking pictures with his D70S too!

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After the car show, we went to Pier One and had dinner. Of course I had to order enselada again. Yummy!!! We had sisig and sinigang... but I loved the enselada!!!

We headed for Baywalk after and went for a walk to look for a good band. Most bands were playing oldies song so we got to traverse the entire length of the Baywalk strip. I was indignant when I saw a tram on the sidewalk honking its way out of the mob. I hated it at first sight! Who thought of that? It is by far the most stupid thing that they have come up with. They should take that out before that hideous thing takes out a child. There are children on the strip too. They play there. Not to mention these mechanical gorillas are destroying the concrete tiles! Somebody has to stop that tram's operation. Maybe they can transfer it to Luneta or some place where it can be more useful.

Anyway after I fumed my heart out, we found ourselves sitting on the ledge discussing things in depth. Some of the things we discussed, we did for the first time. Our views, at least some of them were unexpected but I am grateful that we had that talk.

Holy Week
I had an apathetic holy week. I did nothing special. i just saw Tagalog movies and just really bummed around. I felt I neglected my duties as a Christian this Lenten Season. It was quite a challenge for me. I feel like I am drifting from the Lord and I do not know why. I resolve to do steps that will lead me back to Him.

I did not get to go to La Union again. I was a bit sad because I did not get to spend time with my baby. I felt bad because I did not get to do the Way of the Cross with him. The Holy Week was very difficult for me. I missed him so much and I knew I should not but I did anyway. It did not help that my mom was teasing me all the time.

Wow this is quite a lot already. I am a bit tired already. I know you are too so maybe I'd continue this next time. I'll post pictures next time. I don't think I have enough patience to do that still right now. I have to swim still.

It's amazing how we can live 24 hours of a day and 7 days in a week and 4 weeks in a month of our lives and yet be able to summarize it in a few sentences. I hope we're really just overlooking details.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Film Feast

I just realized that I have seen so many movies in the past week.


How many times can a mirror crack before it breaks?
How many times can a vase break before you throw it away?
How many times can you throw away a cat before it never comes back?
How many times should the wave come back?
Tides will pull in and out endlessly
As the world moves around unceasingly
So does love.