Friday, June 25, 2010


I just realized that when I updated my template, the stat counter was deleted. That took me long. I made a big boo boo... *sigh!* I am impossible! Must fix it soon but am not going to lose sleep over it. I am hopeful that it will get fixed. No point in worrying.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Reason To Teach

When I got back from Boracay I fixed my stuff and went straight to Gox to give some perishable stuff that people requested me to buy for them. I of course dropped by my cube and there was a brown envelope waiting for me with my name written in fancy letters. I opened it and saw a Malate issue and a Malate doodle book. I was wondering who left it there when I realized that a part of the book was opened to a page and that page had some scribbles on them. The page said:

Hello Miss! :) I learned a lot from PERSEF1! It's my favorite subject. Hehe! Thank you for inspiring me to join Malate. And now, here I am, published! Thanks Miss! God bless and continue inspiring young minds! :) Love *student's name* P.S. Another thing I learned from you is that "RESPECT IS ALWAYS RECIPROCATED" :)

My student also attached an assignment I gave them two years ago. I asked them to write a letter of application to the organization of their choice. I scribbled this on the assignment:

Please do join. I hope you get in because I hope to see your works published someday. :)

And now my student is published. It is difficult to get published in Malate. You can be a part of the org for four years and still not get published. I am still getting goosebumps as I type this.

I love being a teacher. These are the perks that can never be replaced by any monetary compensation. People outside may never understand, then again who cares? :)

I am touched because I did not realize that two sentences on an assignment I gave two years ago could create such an impact to a young mind. Now more than ever, I am inspired to scribble on student's assignments, even if it can be tiring and there are times when I doubt if students bother to read them. Now I know... It does not matter if most of them do not read them, it only takes one person to read it and be inspired to make me feel soh good. No designer bag can make me feel this good!

Thank You Lord for leading me to this profession that provides me with so much joy.


I just found out that my student graduated last Saturday. I was not there because I was in Boracay.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bora The Return

This time I have done it.

I reset my password. I cannot believe my memory. It is beginning to scare the hell out of me. It is not like I have been dormant for the past few years, I have been studying nonstop. Is this an early onset of dementia?! *afraid*

I just got back yesterday from Bora and I have to say, I had fun being an emcee. It was a bit stressful at times but it was fun since it was in Bora!

As soon as I was able, I climbed the medium wall which I failed to climb last time. It was such a feat! After that I rested and then swam in the pool and then swam in the sea! *yahoo!* The water was great! The following morning, I ran at 5 am! I ran from Bora Regency to the far end of Station 1. After that, I ran to the far end of Station 3. I wanted to run back from the end of Station 3 to Boracay Regency but I was too tired already and was afraid of getting injured since the sand is not really flat. My feet are angled uncomfortably as I ran so that is a bad idea. I walked back to the hotel instead. The following day I swam again before partying with the Cisco people. I danced for two and a half hours! Loved every minute of it! :) The following day, I swam from Station 2 to Station 1. It was just til the border of Station 1 too bad...

I had so much fun and I wish I could have as much physical activities back here in Manila.

Hmm... Maybe I can.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's A Beautiful Life

I was able to finally try Barre3 last Sunday and while the pain was so excruciatingly difficult to handle so much so that I think I heard every tendon curse at me as they revolted against every movement I made at the end of the day it felt good because my back felt straighter, My posture more erect and I felt more like a homo sapien than I have for years. I availed of the free trial and I think I want to do it again when I get back from Bora.

Speaking of Bora, am heading off to Bora this week and am thrilled to be going back, this time to work and party with Cisco people. I will also be hosting the instructors summit and we are staying at the Boracay Regency!!! Am thinking if I should bring my pois. :) It would be fun to play with at the beach but they are heavy. So maybe not.

I got myself a sun dress that I got for the soiree in Bora just so I will have a party dress. I love the color and I think it suits my figure.

I love it that I feel good about myself. I am comfortable in my ow. skin while aware of my imperfections. It tooke thirty years to really face the mirror and love what I see. Okay, I still have my days but for most days I am really loving myself.

I had soh much fun today and I wish there were more days like today. I have so many things that I need to finish tomorrow but for now I think I am just going to savor today's happy experiences.

Forgot to mention that after ten million years the reprint version of Kinsella's Twenties Girl is already available so I got it last Sunday after Barre3. Passed by the book shop because my muscles were still trembling. Wanted to have a chocolate cake at Miss Desserts but they were still closed. Boo! Believe it or not I did not crave for Mango Bravo. I think I am way passed that stage. I hope.

Speaking of food, I must resist ay all cost binging in Bora because surely it is buffet all the way and J would want to eat the mango cake at Lemon Cafe and gulp gallons of Jonah's mango shake! In any case while there, I plan to wall climb at least two walls. Last time I was there I failed to climb the medium wall. I got the easy wall. I plan to climb both at least twice during my stay. Also, I plan to run the shores of Station 1-3, wearing proper shoes of course! I will do it in the morning. Not sure if I am going to swim at all but am bringing swimsuits just in case. Am not sure if I still want to try skim boarding. I do not want to injure myself like my bro injured himself when we were there last March.

I do not think I have a lot of free time anyway so we will see.

I love my life.

Thank You Lord! :)

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Open Letter to My Mac

Dear Mac,

I am sorry I left you in the laboratory for hours without realizing it. I am aware that I only realized you were missing when I needed you. I felt guilty and panic overtook my system when I saw my cubicle void of your presence. I will never again, to the best of my abilities, leave you unattended in a place where you can be picked up by a random stranger only to disappear forever with some of my best memories and thoughts. My memory is indeed failing me these days perhaps due to preoccupation on things that are highly irrelevant and insignificant. I hope to be able to recover from this lapse and may this never happen again to my Mac or to other things or people that I love.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Daily Mumbling

I could not sleep last night. So many things were running in my head and it did not help that I had a green tea overdose too. I slept maybe at around 3 in the morning only to wake up at 4 in the morning. My head throbbed so I decided against running. It was a good call apparently because my running buddy also slept at 2 in the morning *hehe*!

I got a bit frustrated with my students today. My students in software engineering did not do their reading assignment. Well some of them did but there were some who did not. Hopefully, next time they will put in more effort. I am a bit frustrated with my programming class as well because they are having a difficult time grasping the idea of accumulating variables. I am now wondering if my approach is wrong... *sigh* I am thinking of another way to make them understand. *sigh*

I really want them to learn how to think of algorithms before we go into Java programming because at the end of the day, Java is just syntax, the logic is the heart for programming and if they cannot understand variables and conditions we are not going to go anywhere.

I am glad though that some people are getting it. I mean it's really a mixture of people who understand and those who do not. I plan to have an intervention of some sort... I do not know. I have to really come up with something.

In the meantime, I just realized I have not checked my email the entire day.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Of Seatbelt and Dates

My seatbelt snapped a few weeks ago and decided it does not want to retract and lock, and so I brought it to Banawe St. in Quezon City. I got it fixed for 700 Php which is fairly cheap compared to what Toyota was charging me for a brand new seatbelt for my front passenger seat. I know right?! WTFudge?! 17K for an effing seatbelt! I could not believe my ears to when I first heard it was 17K a pop! So anyway, I decided to go to Banawe as advised by my dad. Four hours of malling later, it snapped again and this time it is forever locked. No matter how hard my friends tried to tug at it, it just would not budge. *sigh* There went the number of hours spent doing nothing except for sweating while waiting for shady characters to finish mangling and un-mangling my poor paralyzed seatbelt.

Yesterday, I went to Evangelista as recommended by my friend who also graciously accompanied me (super thanks!) to have my seatbelt get a shot at a second life. Et voila! For eight hundred pesos and under an hour, my seat belt's life was extended. It had to get a transplant, the innards are now different but it's from a distant Toyota relative so I guess that's fine. *yehey!*

I am thrilled because now bowchog can sit in front again! :) Since the seat belt started to malfunction bochog has been sitting at the back and it sucks because it's always more fun when she's in front. It's like she's not there when she's seated at the back. We had a movie date last night and saw Sex and the City 2. Before the movie she requested for Haagen Dazs so I let her have it but this morning she got a bad case of tonsillitis and my mom is blaming me for it. No fair! I bought her water... She did not drink the water. Bad gurl!

Today, I had a shopping date with my mom. We were looking for clothes for me because all my clothes look fugly to her. It is not my fault that fashion has changed into stuff that are not so flattering. :) At least for me. We spent hours scouring for clothes but to no avail. At the end of the day I only got to buy one but it was such a steal so I guess the trip was worth it. Plus! I had fun hanging out with my mom. I hope we can do it again. :)

All I have to share for now... Gotta run tomorrow!


Thursday, June 03, 2010


I am about to work again on my dissertation proposal. I believe this is escapism *haha!*! Blogging instead of working. :)

Let me just jot down a few notes because I really find this therapeutic. I am craving for chocolate cake, particularly Choco Mile High cake of Don Henrico's that's no longer available. Boo! I want it back! Any chocolate cake would do right now actually *haha!* ! I am willing to compromise at this point.

What I need is more Bisolvon because I think it is working. I want to rid myself of this cough. It has been bugging me for quite a while now. For now, I have to get back to work. :)

I want everyone to know about my secret but I do not want to have to explain about the details. *sigh*

My body clock has been reset I think. :) Yehey! :) Sleeping earlier tonight for the run tomorrow. :)

Must work now!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Something is seriously wrong with my memory. Just now I almost was not able to get into my account.

I have a bad cough again. I have a feeling that Lagundi is really not working for me so now I am taking Bisolvon. I will be taking Bisolvon again in a while.

On a happier note, I ran at the Nature Valley Run 2nd Leg in the Run Rio Trilogy and clocked my best time! 31 minutes! Yey!!! Just one minute more to shave and I would be able to meet my target 30 minutes. I think it helped that there was an RFID chip attached to my shoe. It gave us accurate time. I think. :) Still I think I made good time because my last time at The Fort, I clocked in 36 minutes! :) I have improved greatly. Soh happy!!! The morning runs are paying off! I ran 6KM again today and on my fifth kilometer I was ready to give up but did not. I am happy because I am not so much of a quitter anymore though I did slow down on my fifth and sixth KM. I was too tired already. It was partly my brain telling me that I am tired already. I think it has much to do where I have been running for the past few days. I am bored already. Apart from that, it may have also been my cough that kept me from breathing regularly.

When it starts to rain, I will have to go back to the gym. Boo. I enjoy running outside. I have not swam yet but I have a padlock already. :) Yey!!!

Sorry for the disorganized thoughts... I have very little sleep and was not able to take my usual nap. My only consolation is that this might reset my body clock to normal mode. This is not good for me.

Oh and yeah, I ran today because I ate roasted duck and asado last night and hakaw!!! Terrrrrible!!! :) I felt so guilty.