Friday, May 28, 2010


Ran 6KM again this morning... Only got to sleep for a few hours. I should be asleep by 11pm and while I was already in bed by 11, for the love of me I just could not sleep. It was around 230am when I last checked my iTouch for time and then fell asleep only to wake up at 4!

I still can't sprint! It is annoying that I cannot sprint. I will practice sprinting after the big run. For now, I have to make do with my pace.

The term is about to begin on Monday and already I feel like I am drowning with things to do. We have many conferences to organize this coming trimester. At the same time, I am soh excited because just this term, I will be going to Boracay and get to stay at Boracay Regency, and then Cebu and get to stay at the Plantation Bay *woot!* and Palawan but I still do not know where in Palawan we are staying. The best thing about this is that I am traveling for fuhreeh!!! :)

I am also a bit excited about this coming term because the break was long enough for me. I am thinking if I can propose my dissertation this trimester.

I hope. I hope. I hope.

Watching Prince of Persia later! *woot!*

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I had a wonderful day today because today I felt soh loved! It'snlike love-me day *hehe*! I got a three hundred Starbucks GC today, a kewl LED University uber kewl merchandise fan, a sports tumbler and to top it all off the latest DVD of Celine Dion!!! *woot* Also felt love through intangible sweet things that I won't mention here anymore. They may not know they made my day special but they did err... actually they do from day to day.

Thank You Lord for blessing me with people who love so generously. I really appreciate it. :) I feel Your love through them.

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I eyes are geyting heybee...

I woke up at four in the morning today. I was unable to take my usual nap after running and now I want nothing more than to climb into my bed and snuggle underneath the sheets and just doze off...

I want to schleep. I need schleep. And water. I can use some water too... And food... Okay it won't hurt to also have a completed dissertation proposal. *wahaha!*

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just spoke with the partner researcher in Japan and I got inspired again. There is a new study that I am going to try out this coming week. *woot*

Also, the new paper that I found has a limitation too. Apparently, it needs to access and so they can get the steps for Daily Activities. *whew!*

Am still reading some papers anyway just to make sure that I cover the latest existing works in my area. I need to publish again soon. :)

Lalalalalala *Smurfette cough* *Smurfette cough*

The Bomb

Back has improved. I have been better but at least it has stopped making me feel miserable.

I finally saw Simply KC. Not a show I would get up so early in the morning for. Too bad I missed the John Lloyd ep, that would have made getting up early worthwhile. Back in the boot camp and about to commence reading the dreaded paper... *Jaws music plays in the background*

Also I have finally dropped the bomb. I am hoping against all hopes that everything will work out. People will react but hopefully they are quick to forget. I really do not want to explain over and over. I hope they do not make me. I have grown tired of my own story.

Oh well... Got to get back to work.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Peter Paper Pecked A Piece of Paper

I was able to find a limotation jn the paper that I saw last Friday so I was so happy... for a while abyway because I saw another paper dealing with what I intend to do. *sigh*

Also, I was unable to see Simply KC. Woke up too late... Body clock a bit messed up.

Got to eat at K.K.K. tonight. Food was not so bad. Also my back is aching pretty bad. I hope I can get a massage or better yet I hope it goes away on its own. I have a run very soon. I need to be in tiptop shape!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Got to run at The Fort today. I ran the Condura Run a year ago I think and was able to run the 5KM route nonstop with much energy and air in my lungs to spare. :) I think I can take 10KM next time. *woot!* Unfortunately, I also had a lot to eat today. I started my bingeing spree at UCC Cafe by eating French Toast with Frankfurter. I still prefer Pancake House's French Toast and Country Sausages, this will be forever my happy food. :) After this I slept and then my dad called me up and I told him about how wonderfully my new shoes (something he gave me :) ) are helping me run. I told him my goal is to join the triathlon and now that I think I can fun long distances, my next goal is to be able to cycle long distances... Dropped hints for a bike *big grin*. I hope I get a bike...

During lunch I ate a 10oz. US T-Bone Steak at Bigby's! *wah!!!* Calories!!! Still, I thought I had quite a loverly meal. *sheepish grin* I skipped the Dairy Queen dipped cone even if I was soh tempted and everyone was egging me to eat one. Also, I did not get myself a honey glazed doughnut at Krispy Kreme even though everyone got something from the store. I kept hearing one of my colleagues say that a doughnut is 30-minutes worth of sprint!

For dinner I had a sinful plate of Roasted Duck Rice and Hakaw at my fave Wai Ying in Binondo... *sigh*

To wipe the guilt off my system I did Hiphop Abs with my mommy. *sigh* I feel bad about eating soh much! Tomorrow morning I will not be running so... hmm... How to deal with the guilt? Maybe I will swim. That's a big maybe. :)

Who knows?!

I felt bad about my research last Saturday. I just discovered a paper doing what I am doing. Now I have to ask myself if the topic is worth pursuing as a dissertation. *sigh* I got so depressed I have not read the paper again. I will read it again tomorrow hopefully I can find something wrong with it. I really need to focus.

I also want to catch Simply KC tomorrow, it's airing tomorrow morning and while I normally do not have the patience to catch shoes during their regular schedule, this show has got me intrigued enough to actually want to watch it tomorrow morning.

This is all I have right now.

Oh and yeah, today I got to find out if one of my weird dreams from the past week is true or not... It's not. Which is a good thing.

I know this post is sounding like a series of random posts... it is actually.

I also met up with my high school friends the other day. It was a blast.

So many good things have been happening lately and I am grateful to the Lord. Thank You for this gift of a life that You have given me. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Heart Flutters

The Glee episode did not disappoint. I immensely enjoyed it mostly because of Idina Menzel and I Dreamed a Dream. *sigh*

Started my day right! I ran approximately 5KM! *woot!*

I had fun today with my high school friends. I hope we can do that again! One of my friends will be going back to New York a few hours from now. I hope to visit her this year or the next. I hope to see Wicked. I hope to do a lot of things but today am just glad we got to laugh our hearts out like the good old days. *sigh* We may have grown older but our hearts are still where they should be.

This afternoon I had fun browsing books. I had to really try hard not to buy books because i have e-Books that I still need to read. Also, I have a lot of papers to read and I just found out that I have a paper to write and publish wahaha!!! I was waiting for a friend and ended up reading Florante at Laura. :) Blast from the past! I still love that book. I am a fan of poetry and I think I love F&L now more than I did more than a decade ago when I played Florante. :)

Tonight I had fun eating at Yujiin a cozy Jap resto at Wilson St. with friends. I love their Crazy Maki! I hope to come back and eat more Makis! :)

Thank You Lord for the smiles and laughter. I feel my heart flutter in delight.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

FTN For The Night!!!

Last post!

Two minutes 'til Glee time!!!

Passing Time

Okay, I have been posting relentlessly for the past few minutes because Glee is taking too long to download and I want to watch it NOW because NPH is guesting and I heart NPH. I am sorry I am blogging like a real uhm... *insert politically incorrect word here* but I want to sleep already and cannot because Glee is about to finish. I woke up at 4 am today to run and then slept again *thwaps self* until a bit late and so now my body clock is messed up. *thwaps self again and says ouch*

I have been pondering on writing a travel log for the past few days but I fear I may be too impatient to write a book because I rarely pause for a while to organize my thoughts. I know some people say write like crazy and then edit later but that is the thing with me. I always do the former and never do the latter. To say that that is a problem is an understatement. If you need to talk to my English teachers in the past you are free to do so. I think it's because I think faster than I write and lately, speak. *sigh* Do not get me wrong though, I also have moments when my brain feels like it's a truck moving uphill in need of a gear shift. I am not proud to say that this has been happening a lot. *becomes aggressive* No, it has nothing to do with me turning 30.

I hope I can start writing the travel log. I would really, really like to write a book before I hit the bucket. Wow, a real entry to my personal bucket list. Here are some of the trips that I surely want to write about:

Weewee stories
Money problems
Travel document problems
Yard stories
Close calls

One of these days I will start typing away. :)

I need a hobby after all... :)

Full Throttle

A friend of mine is getting out of control. This friend is in love and all of a sudden feels like a totally different person altogether. Is this the effect of love? Was I like this at a certain point of time? Frijda, a psychologist says that eventually we adapt to our emotions so the intensity of the emotion fades eventually. Does this mean that my friend will eventually turn back to normal? If not, how do we, the people around this person cope? Aaargh... in the meantime, because we are friends, we will have to put up. After all, as Warwick (pardon to the fans, I do not know how to spell the name and am too lazy because it is too late at night already to google names of artists of another era... my body clock has been smashed against the wall again but that's a whole different story... and this is turning out to be too long a parenthesized remark) and company said, "That's what friends are for".

This friend of mine I hope is heading for a good place.

On a note completely unrelated to my friend, I just saw the Telephone video of Lady Gaga this afternoon and all I could say was what the fudge?! I mean, I usually can stomach certain obscenities because I was a teenager when I started watching MTV but whoah... Gaga is a whole new Madonna level! I hope my children will never, ever have to see her stuff. I am kind of glad I am not raising a teen these days... Lots of stuff I cannot explain to them *hehe*. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Soft Kisses

I was so giddy last night because I heard great news from friends of mine! They are going to have a baby gurl!!! I am soh excited for them. It was definitely cherry on top when they asked me to be the godmother! I am soh psyched about this! I love their first born and now the first born is going to be a big brother. At the same time I also wondered when my turn will come... *sigh* but I do not want to dwell too much on that. The news was too happy to be tarnished by a moment of self pity and introspection.

Today, I say a prayer so that the Lord may quiet my inner storm. I have to love where I am and bloom where I am planted or blown away... since I seem to be more like a tumbleweed than a potted plant hehe... I thank You Lord for always sending me soft kisses that make me smile each day. I feel your arms around me, hugging me from the inside. Only You can do that. :)

I ran again today and now I am becoming very schleepy so I am going to catch a few winks before heading to school and reading more papers. Loving what I do. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Dream

I had a dream and it seemed so real.

As I close my eyes tonight, I hope that Mr. Sandman would come visit me again and yet give me that vision.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Today I just spoke to our partner professor at Osaka University in Japan and I discussed my proposed solution. I had a hard time defending my work because I was so nervous and half of the time I was trying to process all the jargon *hehe*. The field I am in is new to me because I was not into AI before. I was into P2P but I shifted because there aren't so many people in my field and it is really, I-cannot-say-it-enough hard to work alone with no one to brainstorm with. I am glad though that after talking he was able to see novelty in m work. His only concern is that I found an approach that I am using as basis. It is focused on another domain but with some tweaking can be applied in my domain. He said he would reject my dissertation if I only had to do minor tweaking because otherwise it will not qualify as a dissertation. Afraid!

I am now writing my proposal. Hopefully, I will finish this summer so I can defend this coming first term and I can start working on it. *sigh* So many things have been happening lately it has been hard to focus on my dissertation. For the past few days though we have been working 9 to 5 and I think it is working for me. :) *woot*


If I were to sum up in one word my state right now it is grateful.

I am grateful for a lot of things.

Thank You Lord!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bora with Bro

I just realized that I did not write about my trip to Bora last March with my brother. It was fun because it has been a while since we hung out. It was my brother's first time in Boracay so we maximized our trip. After landing we went straight to the hotel, this was frustrating for me because we had to wait a few hours before the room with a vault was ready. I made a very specific request that I wanted a room with a vault, not because I had millions with me but because I wanted piece of mind.

After that, we could not swim anymore because the sun was glaring so we just decided to walk underwater with the fishes wearing a huge helmet from a long time ago. I panicked a bit going down because my ears began to hurt so I had to stop midway and then continue going down. I equalized but my ears hurt anyway... The trip down was worth it though because there were soh many fishes that we got to feed and we also got to play around. For 500 Php we got to experience this and we got a VCD as a souvenir. :)

After that we went back to the room and then I caught a glimpse of free poi lessons. I have long been wanting to try out a poi and I was surprised that it was rather easy for me to use. The others in the class had a hard time and my brother teased me for being a show off. I think my Florante at Laura komedya days helped because some of the moves were similar to the moves using the poi. Before I left Bora, I bought five pairs of poi. :)

We also got henna tattoos for free because Globe had a promo while we were there and we also got into a party for free! :) That party was fun but I also saw a student from Cisco. Students really are everywhere! :) That night we also had a free dinner but that should be another post. :)

The following night we went island hopping and we got to swim near Shangri-la. The water was great there and I had fun doing laps. My brother said I was antisocial when in the water. I agree. After that, we had a relaxing massage and slept because we partied until the morning the night before and we were planning to party again later that night. We went to another party and my brother got drunk! It was a bit annoying that he got drunk hehe... The following morning we tried to learn how to skim board. I bruised my left knee. My right knee was bruised earlier from wall climbing because my foot slipped. I was pleased with myself though because I reached the top! :)

I had gallons and gallons of mango shake while there and we ate many times at Lemon Cafe (I love their food) and discovered a really good cake I forgot what it is called but it's Mango something... Yum!!! I am sure to eat that cake again when I go back with colleagues! I am coming back and it's all paid for! How kewl is that?!

I already miss the food and the sand and the water and believe it or not... the sun. The sun is better when it's kissing you from the white sands and turquoise water of Bora!

On my last night in Bora I decided to stay at a henna stand and experience how it is to be like a local. I befriended the people and tried to attract customers! I got soh many customers to come to the stand and the locals were so pleased they gave me another free henna tattoo!!! I got myself a Dolphin Tattoo on my left leg. I had another on my left shoulder. It was perfect for the National Geographic Earth Day Run. :)

Must get back into shape for my next Bora trip! :) I will be working so I do not think I will get to go to the beach as frequently but I will be staying at Boracay Regency so that's alright!!! I have been to Bora four times but this is the first time I will be staying at a posh hotel. :)

Saturday, May 08, 2010


I love how you make me feel like I can conquer the world. You make me breathe and live more. You make my heart beat faster and make me gasp for air. You make me go greater distance, beyond I thought I could go. You make me fight the urge to stop and slow down. You make me want to see more of the world. Because of you I realize that every journey begins with one simple step and every step that comes after will just happen.

I hope to have more years with you and discover you more as I discover myself.

Discover running. :)

What did you think I was talking about?

I have been running for a while now and while I have had a minor accident, I am loving it thoroughly. I used to be biased but now I see the fun and beauty in it.

I hope to fall back into love with swimming too. I am super excited because I am going back to Bora! Must get back into shape!!! :)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Caliraya Fun

I forgot to post about Caliraya! I was in Caliraya from Friday afternoon up until Saturday afternoon. It was just an overnight thing but it was packed with activities! When we got there I brought out my poi so the others who wanted to try it out can try it out... I demonstrated a bit and left it to one of our secretaries. After a brief merienda we went down the hill to play with a monster (because it is so gigantic!) basketball... It was really hard! We then tried their obstacle course. I was so nervous about the hurdles because I might trip and hurt my freshly healed (tocino-looking if I may be so gross!) right knee. After the obstacle course, I was able to eye the Earth Balls (way bigger than the monster basketball!) and freed the ball... The ball was too big so we just decided to play Frisbee.

My hand-eye coordination is not very good but I think my throw has improved a whole lot!!! Compared to last year's super fail throw, my throw now can be caught hehe... Also, I can now catch. Not without getting bruised but still... I had so much fun running and catching and failing most times and just laughing! After the game we were hoping we can go wall climbing but it was closed already so we decided to do Bungee Cord next!

I was soh excited and partly scared hehe... I tried to somersault and realized that it was not so difficult so I did it many times! Everyone was cheering and the feeling was exhilarating! You see, I have never somersaulted in my life before the Bungee Cord! :) I didn't know it was soh fun! :) After Bungee Cord we tried a variation of zip-lining. I tried it once because I was afraid of getting down hehe... A friend of mine had to help me down. There is a rope that has a round flat thing that you sit on and then you basically cross the line hanging on to the rope for dear life. The other end of the rope is a bit high and has no landing platform so it's hard to get down...

After the zipline we ate dinner, and then sang at the Videoke. After that I changed into my two-piece and we swam in the pool! The water was surprisingly warm. I have to practice my strokes if I want to compete in the next FA swim meet. I sucked hehe... Speed has never been my thing. I have endurance. I think I can swim 2.5 KM but I do not think I can swim fast... Even in swimming I am no sprinter. :)

After swimming we took a bath and then hung out outside eating chips and drinking (water for me, lambanog for the others!). We were planning to run in the morning but nobody woke up so we just had breakfast, after which we played Frisbee again, of course I still suck at catching but it's a vast improvement from last March. :) I just need a bit more practice. After Frisbee, we went wall climbing. I was able to climb five times! :) Before the climb, we decided to zipline first, it was pretty easy already because I have tried it in Chiang Mai but it was fun nonetheless... It was the walk back that was kind of boring...

After all the activities, we just rested for a bit and then took a bath. When we got back to Manila we decided to watch Iron Man 2 hehe... I was so surprised that we all had energy left! We even played basketball at TimeZone! I think my hand-eye coordination is really improving already because I scored 35! Highest I have ever gotten! I need more practice but I definitely am improving! *woot!*

I had fun at Caliraya! Food and service sucked but I had fun because of the company!

Until next activity!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


The past few days have been great for me. My knee has healed nicely and I have been in great company among friends. I have gone back to reading papers and I feel like I have some knd of purpose again. I ran again today and it felt good to sweat it out. I hope the good days keep on rolling in.

Thank You Lord. :)

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Monday, May 03, 2010

The Last Days

I just saw The Last Days with my sister. It's a documentary by Steven Spielberg about the holocaust's five Hungarian survivors. I have been to Budapest but I did not know that there were also Jews who were persecuted there.

I feel rather sad as it was inhuman but at the same time I am in awe of their faith and strength. The two sons of one of the survivors became rabbis. Now that is faith.

This made my challenges easier to accept because what they went through was indeed so much harder to overcome and yet they still managed.

Thank You Lord for never leaving my side no matter what state I am in. Never let go of my hand.

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