Monday, June 14, 2010

It's A Beautiful Life

I was able to finally try Barre3 last Sunday and while the pain was so excruciatingly difficult to handle so much so that I think I heard every tendon curse at me as they revolted against every movement I made at the end of the day it felt good because my back felt straighter, My posture more erect and I felt more like a homo sapien than I have for years. I availed of the free trial and I think I want to do it again when I get back from Bora.

Speaking of Bora, am heading off to Bora this week and am thrilled to be going back, this time to work and party with Cisco people. I will also be hosting the instructors summit and we are staying at the Boracay Regency!!! Am thinking if I should bring my pois. :) It would be fun to play with at the beach but they are heavy. So maybe not.

I got myself a sun dress that I got for the soiree in Bora just so I will have a party dress. I love the color and I think it suits my figure.

I love it that I feel good about myself. I am comfortable in my ow. skin while aware of my imperfections. It tooke thirty years to really face the mirror and love what I see. Okay, I still have my days but for most days I am really loving myself.

I had soh much fun today and I wish there were more days like today. I have so many things that I need to finish tomorrow but for now I think I am just going to savor today's happy experiences.

Forgot to mention that after ten million years the reprint version of Kinsella's Twenties Girl is already available so I got it last Sunday after Barre3. Passed by the book shop because my muscles were still trembling. Wanted to have a chocolate cake at Miss Desserts but they were still closed. Boo! Believe it or not I did not crave for Mango Bravo. I think I am way passed that stage. I hope.

Speaking of food, I must resist ay all cost binging in Bora because surely it is buffet all the way and J would want to eat the mango cake at Lemon Cafe and gulp gallons of Jonah's mango shake! In any case while there, I plan to wall climb at least two walls. Last time I was there I failed to climb the medium wall. I got the easy wall. I plan to climb both at least twice during my stay. Also, I plan to run the shores of Station 1-3, wearing proper shoes of course! I will do it in the morning. Not sure if I am going to swim at all but am bringing swimsuits just in case. Am not sure if I still want to try skim boarding. I do not want to injure myself like my bro injured himself when we were there last March.

I do not think I have a lot of free time anyway so we will see.

I love my life.

Thank You Lord! :)

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