Saturday, July 31, 2010

Run Jitter

I am soh nervous about the run tomorrow... I hope I will wake up when I need to. Lord, please keep me safe and please let all the hard work I put in pay off... I really want to do good tomorrow. :)

Thanks! :)

Kris and Tell

Okay, right now I really should be checking papers but I could not help but watch the YouTube version of SNN's Kris Aquino Confession. I was irked by the idea that she likes Jun Jun Binay because of a personal bias but apart from that here is what I think. Not that it matters but then again this is my blog so let me write because my logorrhea is worse if I do not write all this down.

Kris loves attention perhaps and often ends up spilling to the media all the minute details of her private life. I disagree with this because there are things that must be kept to oneself. Apart from this and the Binay bit, I agree with her.

I agree that she chose to end her marriage to save her sons from the trauma of seeing their parents fight all the time. I teach and I have learned from my students how indeed fighting parents affect their emotional psyche and their ability to focus on their studies.

I agree that she chooses to be happy in spite what has happened because as she said "Our children take a cue from us.". This has been proven in Psychology. The disposition of the parent later on becomes the disposition of the child. If the parent tends to be negative, the child tend to also have negative emotions toward things.

I agree that she is not crying over this because before the separation, there were seven months when they tried to make things work. The distress and the emotional anguish happened during those seven months. The time she walked out was the time of indifference already which according to a marriage counselor is the opposite of love. So, while many people wonder why she seems like the happiest separated woman on Earth, it is probably because she is. She probably feels like she has been freed from captivity for a long period of time. Finally, she was able to break her silence and she no longer has to pretend.

I admire her for staying positive and for seeing that there is another day. While she is most of the time crazy and I really think the Binay thing is even crazier than her usual crazy, I do think she is a strong person. If the things that happened to her happened to other people, they might not even survive much less hope for a better tomorrow but not her. So while, there are many people out there probably judging her, I laud her for making such a difficult decision and for taking a stand.

I hope what she is doing now opens the eyes not only of the women who are oppressed in their own marriages or relationships but also of men who are oppressing the women. Not be accused of being a sexist (which I am admittedly at times *sheepish grin*), this goes both ways, this is for men too.

Rant, Run and Rant Some More

BlogPressLite conked out on me!!! Boo... I tried a new tool and I think it will do for now. I have not been blogging too much because I am already keeping a personal journal just like the good old days again and I think it has been helping. I need all the help that I can get because this week and the coming weeks will be one big roller coaster ride! I have much to do and much to check. Surprisingly though, I still have much time to reflect and do a bit of introspection and it is duhriving me cuhrazy!!!

I want to watch Salt. Might watch it with my sister later or tomorrow after my 10Km run! OMG! Tomorrow is the big day! I hope I will get to wake up, I have been preparing far too long for me not to wake up on time! I hope I get to finish the run under 1hr 15 min. I will be happy to be slightly more than 1 hour! I hope! I hope!

Speaking of... I have not seen my race packet for the longest time... *Yikes!*

Going to Cebu and then to Palawan in a week. I have one week to make sure my classes are fine and to make sure I have checked all that I need to. Arg!

All of this would come to pass.

And then am embarking on another journey. Hopefully, everything will pay off.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Testing!!! Trying out a new tool because BlogPress conked out on me. Don't know how useful or reliable this tool is but this is sure worth a try. :) It is free after all!

Quick Update :)

The past few days have been a blast save for some minor episodes life is going great. I think I have finally reconnected with You and it feels great to be back! :)

I was able to do Barre3 which is wonderful! I think I can do Barre3 every Tuesday as well especially on days when I cannot swim! *weeh!* The bad thing is that I was not able to run all week and I have a 10Km run this Sunday. Last week I was able to do 10Km in 1hr and 9 minutes. My "coach" says it's not so bad. I wonder how I will do in the actual race especially since I was not able to train all week. I will have to really run tomorrow!

I have to go now because I have to check so many papers!


Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was not able to hear mass again today. I am sorry. I was caught up with the collation of the exam tonight and this morning I spent too long lazing in my cozy bed. I also shared a good laugh with my mom before going to school. I think You would have approved of me staying on and laughing like crazy with my mom though. :)

I am having a great day so far. :)


In the meantime I have to prepare for my six hour class this coming Saturday. :)

Oh and yeah, I found out that I will be climbing the mouth of Taal Volcano again very soon. *argh!* I told myself I will not climb that volcano again. The only nice thing about it is that I might not have to walk up but instead ride a horse. Kewlness... Which reminds me. I have to schedule all my Barre3 earlier because I might not have enough time to do that anymore in the coming weeks. The next few weeks are going to be vehery busy.

Give me strength.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday I was in need of a hug but the hug did not come. I went to bed with a heavy heart but just before I closed my eyes You sent me a hug and the hug lasted me the whole day today.

Thank You.

I can still feel the warmth of Your hug lingering.

I finally got to eat my caramel chocolate cake. I had a caramel cake and a chocolate cake. I got some of the caramel on the chocolate cake et voila, a chocolate caramel cake that is true to how I want it to be. Not like the one I ate from Chocolat the other night. The caramel was just on top of the cake, no caramel in between. I wonder why cake shops do not put caramel fudge in their cakes anymore. I need my camarel in my cholocate cake!!!

The cakes definitely had me smiling like cuhrazeh all night! :)

Apart from that, I got my extra supplies from my URCO project so I got more new uber cute Mead notebucks! Weeh!!! I love notebooks! I can write on notebooks forevah!

I am high on sugar so pardon the way I write... Tonight I have an excuse, for the other entries I have none. Maybe I really just write this way. Get your own blog. :)

I also got my very own big Max Stapler weeh... I labeled it with my last name the way I used to do back in high school and college. I love my last name. More than my first name actually. People find that weird.

I have a long list of things to do tomorrow but amidst all the tasks, I hope to get to swim one KM tomorrow. Today I got to run 9KM in 55 minutes! *woot!* My left foot hurts so maybe I willl try to run 9Km again this Friday and hopefully my body will get used to it. Barre3 again this Sunday and who knows when again. Gosh, I have other deadlines to complete but for now I am having a ball.

I think my depression yesterday has much to do with hormonal imbalance but I am not going to admit. :)

I love You!

Thanks for sending me hugs through people around me. Keep 'em coming! :) I have not heard mass all week, sorry 'bout that, I had the opportunity last Monday but I passed it up. I will try to hear mass tomorrow Lord.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bah Hum Hug!

Woke up today in need of a real big tight hug badly...

Dear Lord, please send a hug my way. :)


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Equalizer and Defender

I do not know if you have seen slightly smaller than normal baseball bats that are still big enough to induce a fatal cranial hemorrhage that are being sold at Ace Hardware and Sports Central that are not inconspicuously labelled The Defender and The Equalizer. Wow. Way to encourage violent resolutions of conflicts. Now when driving I am more cautious because one never knows if the person you are dealing with is in possession of The Defender and The Equalizer. Who in the world thought of this?! Obviously the person who thought of this is short of IQ points and has none of the common sense that normally everyone should have.

We have enough crimes due to short temper and petty conflicts.

Now that we have these metal objects that will give people who need to compensate for whatever they lack badly in the physical or mental aspect, I am expecting more...


Possession of The Equalizer just increased the margin between those who possess one and those who do not. Equalizer not.


As it turns out classes were called off last Wednesday but I think it was good because I was able to rest for a bit. It was not good because I overdid it *wahaha!*. Because classes were called off, it gave me the impression that oversleeping is alright, thereby messing up my bio clock yet again. Or actually my circadian rhythm... Arg. I was able to see The Killers and it was a hilarious movie. I was laughing almost all the way... It was fun watching the movie with mom and my all grown up lil sis. I procrastinated the whole time, and when Thursday came, I overslept, procrastinated some more and ended up wasting time.

The only redeeming part of my Thursday was that I got to swim a kilometer and I got to meet with my advisees and I got to check some papers and got jolted back to reality that I had tons of things to do! I had to write a paper, I had to prepare a presentation, I had to finish checking the pile of papers and return them to my students next week and I had to prepare for my class this Saturday that is six hours long!!!

I know, I know, it was only Thursday but my entire Friday was fully booked already, nay, overbooked! I scheduled three activities in one time block. I was to run 7 KM and then play badminton with friends, I also scheduled a videoke session and a consultaitno with our partner in Japan! In the end the Japanese partner won. :) *duh!* After that I ran to Red Box for the nth despedida of my friend leaving this Sunday (*waves goobye!!!*) in the form of a videoke marathon and dinner that spanned five hours... It was fun do not get me wrong... It was also tiring considering I ran 7Km that morning without sleep. Didn't I say my body clock was messed up? I only got to sleep after running. I think I slept four to five hours after running and then went to the meeting. Notice how in my list of activities my class is never mentioned. That's because I only got to prepare for my class midnight last night! I was soh tired already but I had to prepare. As such, I will not do what I did again last night. I will prepare for class earlier.

I was also inspired by my meeting with our Japanese partner because now I know I have another approach that I can use. :) I have to get back to working. I have stopped for weeks now because of all the other things I had to read and work on... *sigh* It is so hard to work during the trimester!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I want the rains to stop.

I want to have classes tomorrow.

I want to see the sun tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Raining on My Parade

It's a rainy day today and am not liking it one bit. I was not able to swim today because of the rain. I could brave the rain but then again, I would get my feet wet which I do not like at all... *sigh* I am hoping tomorrow will be a sunny day again so I can run. I need to do 7KM tomorrow and work my way up because I need to be able to run 11Km before August 1. Yikes!

I really have to work double time...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Chomp! Champ! Chomp!

Last July 3, 2010 I participated in my first ever swim meet! I have never swum competitively and it was my first time. Weeks before, I was very busy as I went out of town so I was forced to practice swimming in the sea. I only got to practice for the meet twice. Once with my coach, who is a male colleague who used to participate in triathlons now he only participates in duathlons and fun runs, the other time was when I was alone with only my digital watch to rely upon.

My best time when I was practicing my 100m Freestyle was 2min 32sec. My worst time was 2min 52sec, this was when I botched up my tumble turn and ended up getting water up my nose. I hate it when that happens! I had to keep swimming though even though I wanted to just give up and drown. The pain was difficult to bear! I could hear my sinuses curse at me. The morning of the swim meet I was so nervous I woke up hours before the meet! I was just there by the pool waiting and wondering who my other two co-competitors were. The men went first and they were REALLY fast! I do not know what the fastest time was but they sure were fast! One of them was a varsity member back in college. They did a 100m Freestyle and I found out that I was only to do 50m. While I was relieved that I did not have to do a tumble turn, I also became more nervous because I am not a sprinter. Short distance will make my chance smaller I thought. When it was time for the women to swim, I realized that I was the only one who was there. The other two never showed up! I won by default! I was a bit disappointed because I did practice in the hopes that I would be competing... Nevertheless I swam. My time was 57sec. For me that is not so bad anymore. I will try to improve my time. :) So next time, if there ever is a meet again, I will not have to practice too close to the event.

After the 50m swim, I was asked to participate in the 1Km challenge. I gladly agreed to join the men because I was disappointed with the 50m. I practiced. I finished second. *yey!* This made up for the 50m solo swim. :)

Afterwards, we had a despedida for one of my colleagues who will be leaving for Singapore for his PhD. We had a sleepover at Astoria where we cooked and we ate. I was a sous chef to one of my colleagues who eternally made fun of me but also taught me a lot, so in the end I had fun. We also had a Boxing tournament where I emerged as the champion *ahem!*! I even had a coach *wahaha!*! This was after I beat my "coach" too! :) I won a fondue set! *yahoo!!!* I will buy chocolate buttons soon so we can have a Chocolate Fondue party! Too bad my doctor doesn't want me eating chocolates. *boo!*

So in a day I was a swimming champ and a boxing champ!

My friends kept saying: Promil User since age 29. :) Last Saturday was a total blast!!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Low, low, low, low!

It was kind of a low day for me. I hope tomorrow is better. In the meantime I have to work my ass off... Darn you procrastination. :)