Sunday, September 05, 2010

Lie To Me

I fell asleep last night watching Lie To Me. It is soh darn addictive! Do not worry though, I have my To-Do List still under control. I did not start my addiction until last night. I do not like to work on Sundays and Saturday Nights. I figured I already work all week, I should allow myself to rest too. Though I am thinking maybe today I can work on my class prep for next term... We will see how my download goes. I am out of episodes you see and I cannot get access to my friend's hard disk until Monday.

I keep on forgetting when I am in school. *darn!*

The show is based on Paul Ekman's research on facial expression and more recently microexpressions and how they tell you what the person is thinking at the moment. While there are expressions that are cultural, there are expressions that are the same across cultures like the most basic emotions, anger, fear, disgust, joy and sadness. Ekman developed the FACS. Facial Action Coding System, if I am not mistaken. Ekman is actually a consultant of the show so a lot of the materials we have encountered in our readings. I do not read Ekman stuff a lot because I am more interested in the pattern of behavior of a person. Speaking of, I have been meaning to write something but other things keep on coming. :)

I was only able to run once last week. I have a pain in my right knee that I am waiting to go away. Hopefully, it will be gone by tomorrow because I want to run at twice before I leave. I need to do Barre3 as well and I am definitely bringing running gear with me just in case it will be loverly to run in Japan. I have not been to this city before. I was in Tokyo before but never in Osaka so this will be something new.

I actually want to go to the States, if only to New York to watch Wicked. I hope I can get a vacation there for fuhree soon. Hmm...

I might be going to Krabi this year. We will see. After Palawan, I do not think it will be all exciting but I definitely look forward to drinking buko. And no, I am not going to Bangkok after the trip. This trip, I will not shop. :) I would appreciate fish spa though and a wonderful spa massage experience. :)

In the meantime, maybe I will do my class prep. :)

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