Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What About Love

Why is it that when we see the hero and heroine in love stories they barely talk? I mean they do talk but they do not have conversations beyond "date" conversations. The characters get to know each other by finding out about their likes, dislikes, their past, what they want in their future but after they have exhausted all these topics the story ends.

What happens after?

What do they talk about then?

I ask because I also do not know. Do they talk about the daily humdrum of life? Do they talk about happened to their respective days?And then do they sleep and wake up the next morning and go through it again? After that, what next?

What is there beyond that? Of course, you can build a family, but what of those who cannot have kids?

It makes me wonder what there is beyond all this? Do you not after a while become tired of this? What keeps monotony at bay?

Where is the meaning in all of this?

Man's Search for Meaning is screwing with my thoughts again. I better prepare for tomorrow.

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