Thursday, October 01, 2009


I have not taken a bath. For those who know me. I am a bit lazy to take a bath when there is no place to go to anyway much to the demise of those who want me to go to work! Haha!

I have been busy all day though because I had to finish some write-ups for the visits of the Professors, the workshops and all, basically all that kept us busy last week. So aside from Facebook from time to time (I am becoming dependent, very bad!), it was all i got to do. That and watch the contraband version of The Ugly Truth! The movie is still making me soh giddy! I love the movie! *sigh* Super chick flick! I hope my friend would watch it too so we can be super giddy together!

I have to start preparing for the emcee stint. I have emailed my co-emcee, I hope we will be able to wing it! I cannot wait for the day I just really hope I can fit into my dress!

This is all i have to write so far maybe I will write again later. :) BTW, got my Gap the other night for a road test, I think I should have gotten a pair in a smaller size, Gap's sizes are way too big really... Is that done on purpose so I would feel good about myself?! Last night, while checking out a pair of Aldo shoes, I realized I am not a 38 but a 37. All my life, I have been buying 38 shoes and last night, I was clearly a 37! Tried on a pair of Zara shoes and even there I am a 37. Can my feet shrink?! Super weird!!!


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