Thursday, October 08, 2009

Musings of the Unamused

I just saw Fame tonight and it is really amazing how the movement of the human body, the sound of a voice can touch your soul. I am being my sappy self again haha! Can't help it! These past few days, I have been too contemplative to not be oversentimental. We have been waiting for this movie and it did not disappoint me. I saw dance, I saw art, I really wanted to jump off my seat and dance *haha*! Thank God I still have some restraint left in me. Who would have thought right?!

My sister was a bit disappointed that they did not sing Fame in the movie but I thought it was alright. The songs they plugged in were good. Fame is a tad bit dated and no amount of revision will make it up to date. Sadly. It's still my favorite Videoke song though. :)

A part of the movie struck me the most though. That part where one of the characters defined success. Success is to love what you are doing, who you are working with, knowing that you are making a difference, an impact in other people's lives. To love what you do to the point that you fly out of the door to do what you do. This thought led me to introspection. I had to ask myself if I love what I do. Actually, I do but due to some personal issues, what I do seems to have taken a backseat but starting tomorrow, I am rekindling the passion. I love it that I can touch people's lives. I love it that they acknowledge that too. I forgot to post here, I got the 2008 Students Search for Outstanding Teacher. *beams* I was not expecting this at all... Apparently, if you give what you do so much love, the love comes back. I hope I am still as good as they expect me to be, lately, I have not been giving a hundred percent of me. I have been distracted and it sucks that some parts of my professional life has to suffer. It has got to stop tomorrow.

I was discussing stress in one of the nonacademic classes ( I always have three and then I get two sections of academic load) my schedule is more manageable this way plus I really enjoy these nonacad classes. Anyway, I was discussing stress and one of my students wrote something that for me is a cry for help. This is not the first time this has happened though. I will talk to her very soon.

On the brighter side of things, I took a side trip to Hush Puppies and purchased comfy but cute pair of black heels that I can wear to class. They're not the super glam type but hey, they are comfy. I think I can stroll around the mall in them. Yup, that comfy! :) I will still get my Esprit shoes repaired because I really love them and they are still in pristine condition. I gave them to my mom first for safe keeping. :)

I know these past few days I have been asking about meaning and existence. I have decided to make it more simple for me. I have decided to make my own bucket list. I think we all should make one. This way, I know I cannot hit the bucket yet because i have not done the following yet.

1. See my grandchildren and regale them of stories of my past
2. Go to France and really experience romance.
3. Explore beaches.
4. Join Amazing Race Asia *haha!* like they'd take me! Hey, this is my bucket list let me be with my imagination.
5. Go on an African Safari.
6. Go to Russia.

This is all I have for now. Will add more next time.

This bucket list made me smile a big smile this week. Frankl is right, future makes you want to live in the here and now, now matter how dreary it may be. I am exaggerating of course, my here and now is not as dreary as the others but I have definitely been better. Still, in this world, all things come to pass. This too, will come to pass. In the meantime, I have my bucket list to hold on to.

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