Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Yesterday was like the first day of classes all over again! My day was kind of hectic but I had a nice evening. It was a wonderful surprise. I actually got a first peek at one of my friends' big decision and it was flattering that I was the first to see! :)

I am happy to have been back, the last few days have been kind of depressing. i realized that much of my meaning is attached to my work and that made me feel a tad bit melancholy. I mean, is this all there is to it? I try to get my PhD, I try to write papers, I teach, what else is there?

This brings to mind Viktor Frankl and logotherapy. I need to find my meaning. I need to see my future. I have an idea of what kind of future I want but the future is unsettled, obscure and vague and right now I want something real to hold on to.

Just a thought.

I mean really... what am I here for?

Trying hard not to break into that Avenue Q song. *smiles*

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