Sunday, October 04, 2009

Wedding - Pepeng

Pepeng did not hit Manila thank goodness!

The wedding of my friend pushed through. They had it at Saint Peter the Apostle Parish beside the school that my first ex attended *haha*! It was actually my first time there. The homily was okay though one of my colleagues thinks that the priest should have focused more on the bride and not on the French groom. This was actually fine by me, what shocked me was when the priest during consecration stopped for more than five seconds to say, "you were asked to kneel, not to sit". I felt bad because there might be people there who had bad cases of arthritis, also there were people there who might be Protestant (because the groom is Protestant). He, unfortunately, did not stop there, he also said,"If you cannot respect the customs of our Church, please get out.". I understand why he might be offended. The consecration is the most important part of the mass. This is the part where the transfiguration takes place, where the wine becomes the Blood of Christ and the bread becomes the Body of Christ. I am just disappointed because he could have said it in a nicer way. I am sure getting angry is alright. Even Jesus got angry at the merchants but I am sure before He got mad He considered so many things... Oh well... I was embarrassed for a while. We should be embracing these people who come to our Church even if they are of a different religion. I mean, it should be taken as an opportunity to show them how we do things. *yikes*

After this, we went to Dezaato Pan at MOA because reception was not until 7 in the evening and it was only past three when the ceremony ended. I had Choco Otaku which my friends liked! One of my colleagues said he was going to bring his girlfriend to that place because he loved it. After Dezaato Pan and so much laughter, courtesy of the wackiest couple that I know, we went to Time Zone and played basketball! I think I am improving, last time I was there I scored only 23 but yesterday I scored a whopping 44 points! I was only three points short of getting at tie with the best player that I know! *woot*

I also got to play Dance Maniacs with one of our youngest faculty members *haha*! I hope nobody would post that on YouTube. Somebody got it on video!!!

After TimeZone, we had to rush to Century Park Hotel where the reception was. I was the emcee so they dropped me off first. I was so nervous I had to drink red wine to calm my nerves and loosen my tongue(works every time). I think things went well! I had fun being an emcee as well. Afterwards, we still had so much supply of adrenaline and so we proceeded to the Cavern KTV and we spent three more hours singing/howling there! It was really fun! I hope the cellphones of those who took videos will never get lost! *haha!*

Another interesting thing, the bride joined us in her wedding gown! You do not see that everyday! :)

I was soooh tired when I went home but I could not sleep until three in the morning so I spent all day today trying to regain my energy!

It was a good wedding!

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