Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Is It - My Experience

It was for me, ethereal. My toes are still barely touching the ground, my head is till in the clouds, my breathing still irregular and my heartbeat is still too fast.

All my senses still relishes the experience that was This Is It. The excitement and the thrill of it all was very difficult to contain, I wanted to scream and wave my arms wildly into the air but that was not the norm. I succeeded in repressing all the shriek but not for long.

It was what I have imagined and so much more. Tonight, I have witnessed what I have always believed in, the genius that was Michael Jackson. He moved with such cutting edge precision, embodying the music and the beat, you just see the rhythm flow through him like electricity to a conductor. He was not just a performer, he was a visionary, hearing and seeing things that other people cannot. He was a genius with a heart, a perfectionist who sought perfection not for fame but to give more of himself and his gift.

He just did not have room for mediocrity, he does not stop polishing until everything so blindingly sparkles underneath the spotlight. He is great and yet he is humble, open to novel ideas and concepts. He gives credit where credit is due and affirmation for work done with care and love. He was aware that he was the most essential component and yet he never forgot that that was only possible because of the other talents surrounding him. This video says everything that a person has to know about how to be the King of Pop. Humility, love, dedication and a truckload of talent.

The show was truly the masterpiece of many people whose lives will forever have the mark of Michael Jackson. They will never work as they did before meeting Michael because Michael showed devotion and dedication to his craft like no other. It makes me ask if these people realize how fortunate they were for having been able to spend the last few hours of Michael with them, to be able to witness the last few moonwalks, spins and jaw dropping choreography and vocals or if disappointment is eating them up because the show never got to London. I am sure Michael was disappointed to not be able to get the show on the road for the millions of fans awaiting his return to the spotlight. He was performing not just for himself but for the millions who drew inspiration from the magic that he created. His show was nothing short of an escape from reality. He literally transformed the stage, he was not just performing, he was speaking, opening his heart to share all that he has. I admit, his voice is not as powerful as before, yet no singer with so much power can sing like he does because he sings not just with his voice but with his heart. You just feel the passion that is overflowing when he sings, when he moves, when he shares his thoughts. I have been blessed to have seen the comet that is Michael that graces the heavens once in millions of years. I am fortunate to have been able to witness his very being in flesh some thirteen years ago, and even then, he has touched my life in so many ways, through his art, music and love for others.

HIs music will live on and his rhinestone-covered glove, his beaded socks and his penny loafers will always be reminders that once upon a time, a man stood under the spotlight, in front of a mic stand and gave all he had.

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