Friday, October 02, 2009

Fun Day

Today may not have been so productive but I had a lot of fun!

Half of the day was spent sleeping *thwaps self*. I know I can be such a sloth when there are no classes. Afterwards, I checked my mail and I found out I had to write some things about all that kept us busy last week for our website. I was able to do all the write ups save for one because I need input from another member of the team.

After finishing, I took a bath. *hehe* I know, I do not like taking a bath right after waking up. I'm too lazy even to take a bath! Very bad! Anyway, after taking a bath I decided to check on my shoes that I have left on the floor of my cubicle because they were my teaching shoes. I bought them for an unreasonable price and I could not imagine them floating on flood water hehe... Good thing someone lifted all the things to higher places so they were not damaged at all. They are in pristine condition and I plan not to leave them on the ground again. :)

After getting the invitation for the wedding of my friend, my friends decided to eat out. I came along and I told them we could eat at Kalye Juan. They wanted what I had which is Bangusilog. Some of them even tried my salted egg with tomatoes! :) I am not sure if they were happy with their food though.

We decided to have dessert after. One of my colleagues asked us to have ice cream and so we did. I owed one of my friends an ice cream for a favor he gave me so I treated him. After eating, since this was very near an arcade place we decided to play! We got to play basketball, dance maniacs, the punching bag thing, even the one peso coin machines where you drop a peso and the one peso slides off. We also tried the machine that grabs stuffed toys. That was fun too... we got nothing haha! I also had a round of air hockey! I lost... Boo! I do not always lose. Maybe it was my bag and because the person I was playing with cheated and got first blood! :)

Still... I had so much fun! Hope we can do that again some time!

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