Friday, October 02, 2009

Another Typhoon!

After Ondoy, another typhoon is set to hit us. Tomorrow is my friend's wedding, I hope it changes its course otherwise, it will be such a hassle to everyone. She has people from Europe coming over, she even has a friend who came from Singapore just to be my co-emcee! It will be unfortunate if the wedding won't push through tomorrow but more than the wedding, there are still so many people who are rendered homeless because of Ondoy.

We have not recovered from Ondoy, I really hope and pray that Pepeng will change its course. There are still places that are still submerged, houses that cannot be inhabited because of the mud, dirt and water. Some of the streets are still impassable and if this typhoon is as strong as they say, I pray that it never really hits the Philippines. Too many people are suffering.

Please Lord, let the typhoon change its course.

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