Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miss Universe

The universe started in chaos and then from the chaos came order. All this order will one day end in chaos and the whole thing will just start all over again. This is the macrocosm of my existence.

I am in the process of chaos right now. Still, when all this chaos ends, a new universe will form. I hope to regain order in my life, I hope to regain happiness. I long for the day when all will move around their respective orbits and life will begin to surface again.

I used to think whenever I feel I have messed this life up that in a parallel universe out there, there's a version of me who is not messing up and is doing very well. I used to think that a lot... until now.

I have to stop wondering about other versions of the universe, I am going to be happy in this universe. I choose to be happy in this version of the universe.

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