Thursday, October 15, 2009

Daily Dose

I had a very busy day today. I was almost nonstop from morning 'til night! Nonetheless, it was a beautiful day.

I had a great time teaching again today. I like the feeling of seeing my students improve every single day. I want them all to learn and to pass the subject. I hope they will really try harder. There is soh much fulfillment in seeing a student do new things that before he could not do or was afraid to do. *sigh*

I also had to meet with my favorite thesis group. They are my favorite for two reasons, first, I think they work hard and second, their topic is part of my dissertation and DOST project. I thought it was a fun meeting that we had. In between that meeting I also received good news. I hope everything really works out.

During my lull time i was able to visit the site of Chico Garcia ! i have missed Rush Hour soh much! I mean I find Delle and Chico really funny plus the Rushers and their entries are also too funny! :) It's nice that Chico compiles the Top Ten entries on his blog and I get to read them even months after the Top Ten happened. I found the possible titles for Manny Pacquiao and Sylvester Stallone's movie funny! I found these to be hilarious:
1. Pac You
2. Buksingin Mo Ako Lalaking Matapang (Akin Ka Balboa) *wahahah* Sorry, I still find it hilarious up to now! :)
3. Mani at Rambu-tan (Para Sa'yo ang Mubing Ito)
4. Get Ready to Rambo


Seriously nuts! :)

After reading this, I had to get to class again and as I was walking to my class, alone, mind you, I had this big smile pasted on my lips and when no one was looking I was still laughing! *hahaha* The titles were crazy!!! Crazy I tell you! :)

As if these were not enough, I also have the Lord to thank for my wonderful nonacad class. I have the most fun block in my nonacad class! :) I love them! They will make anything fun. I supply activities that are meant to allow them to have fun but if the block had a snooty attitude they will not work even if I brought with me Time Zone! I love that they are soh game.

After my class I had a meeting where we discussed the questions for the exam. They loved the problem that I contributed. They said it was a very cute problem. *yey* Thank You Lord, I know You have much to do with that! *wink*

Anyway to cap off my day I had a nice bible study session. I really need all the guidance and I think all the sessions help. :)

Thank You Lord, today I felt your hug not just from the outside but from the inside as well.

Thank You.

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