Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Messed Up

I really did not get to do much today because I had to cram for my paper *haha*! It's not because I did not start early, it's just that the paper was too long. The next readings are even longer... argh... I got another 4.0 today! *yehey* I know it does not matter if, I'm an auditing student but it still feels good to get affirmations every once in a while.

We discussed about emotions again tonight. Apparently, those people who get uprooted from their source of support have problems regulating emotions... I can soh relate to this. *sigh*

I have nothing much to say tonight really. I do not know why. Perhaps it's because I spent most of the day reading and writing a paper. I feel unready to sleep yet and yet it's already early in the morning. My sleeping habit is all messed up and so is this entry and sadly, these are not all in my list of messed up things...

Good night!

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