Sunday, October 25, 2009


I was too tired to talk about this last night. I was exhausted from lack of sleep and solving but we had such a blast last night after the Stat stuff that we did. My sister and I went to bed and my brother hid under the sheets. After I lied down, he startled my sister coming out of the sheets and shouting 'Boo!'. *wahaha* My sister broke into peals of laughter! When my brother got up to go the the comfort room, my sister and I came up with a plan to startle him back. My sister tried to squeeze herself under the bed but would not fit so she settled for the space underneath the Casio keyboard. Little did we know, my brother just pretended to go to the CR but he was actually waiting for me to go to the other side of the room. He heard everything that we were trying to do! So yes, he startled my poor sister again, helpless, and with nowhere to run to! *wahahah!* i think my throat hurts from laughing too hard last night.

Still, it was really fun!

Just like the good old days. :)

I remember before, I slept later than everyone else in the household because I needed some peace and quiet to work and because I like horsing around first with my siblings before I start working a.k.a. solve endless Calculus and other Math problems. The floor of my room and other flat surfaces are always covered with yellow sheets of paper with solutions. There was one night when an alarm clock started going off and I just could not find where it was. I was desperately searching because the sound was so annoying and was to loud in the stark contrast of the silence the early dawn provided. Alas, I found the darn alarm clock wrapped in yellow sheet with the message "At sa wakas, nahanap din ng ating bidang si Chabelita ang kanina pa nagkakaingay na alarm clock". I was laughing so hard! I think I cried from laughing *haha!*!

Also, I went to school long after my siblings have gone to school. I normally left my bag on the bed of one of the rooms in the house, I did not realize that this will invite a prank from my siblings. There was a time when I went to school with a clothes hanger, a couple of big batteries, and other junk in my bag! Of course I had to stifle my laughter when I discovered I had these stuff during class lest it would have gotten me into trouble.

Fun times! I am fortunate to have fun siblings for siblings! It sure makes life more exciting and it makes it easier to laugh.

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