Friday, October 23, 2009

Brink of Addiction

Wow... I was experiencing blogging withdrawal symptoms already. *haha!* I could not create a new post for a while. I need rehab quick!

I was just thinking about how we should be guided by our heart. I know the Lord is our Father and He wants us to be happy and He will not want anything that will not make us happy. However, how dow we hear what our heart wants? How can we hear it loud and clear? I think I hear my heart, I just hope I am hearing it right.

I was soh anxious about posting, now that I can post, I am at a loss for words or ideas *haha*! I have so much to do. So far, all I have done since yesterday was check papers. It does not take too long for me to check my parts but I am too lazy. This week has got to be the laziest of all my weeks. I have to start gearing up. I have a technical report and a paper due for Monday. Must. I seem to always space out. I think I need time for myself. I mean, a serious break. I think I need some vacation on my own. I'm regretting not going to France again *haha*! Why did I pass that up again? Oh yeah, I was up to my neck with things I had to finish.

Tomorrow ought to be a better day. :) Looking forward to it more or less. :)

All for now.

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