Sunday, October 11, 2009



Thank You Lord for providing me ideas tonight. After I took a bath, ideas came rushing in. I guess, this is a way of telling me to take a bath before I start working too. :)

I am so relieved that I was able to prepare a presentation for tomorrow for the mock DOST presentation. I was also able to think of a COMPRO exam programming problem on 1-D arrays. I was really having great difficulty thinking of a problem. Whew! I came up with the problem while I was hearing mass. Thank You Lord!!!

A man from Mindanao who also belongs to the group Mamamayan Ayaw sa Aerial Spray spoke during the mass. He was asking for support so that we will sign a petition. They are being sprayed with pesticide through the aerial spraying that was being done by plantations in Davao. I think this is really terrible. Some of the residents that got sprayed on lost their eyesight, some got skin diseases, who knows what other harmful effect the pesticides have? My sister said she will boycott the company that does this. I am yet to find out about the companies who use this. I tried looking for them on the Net but I did not get anything. I hope they will really fix this problem. This violates the Clean Air and Clean Water Act!

After mass we went straight to the mall to have dinner. Guess where? Joey Pepperoni. I know I told myself I will not return for a while but my sister requested that we dine there. I had All You Can Eat Pasta. I had two plates. I swear I felt soh guilty afterwards! I should not have eaten that much! Anyway, their service was fast at least in my experience, I had only two plates. My brother had three and he said the third plate took forever to arrive. You might be wondering why I was not there, that's because my sister and I decided to scoot after finishing our two plates. We really needed to walk off the food. I know, like that can happen *haha!*. We can wish, can't we? My sister's 2nd plate was carbonara and it was terrible according to her. My brother and mom tried it too and they too were displeased. So word to the wise, do not order carbonara. :) Meat sauce is not excellent but definitely better.

Their service improved but if you ask me, I would still go for Sbarro. I mean their pasta tastes great! I think I am saying this because I do not really eat as much as my brother. Half an order is already good for me at Sbarro! :)

Before eating, we dropped by the Marian exhibit and marveled at all the different images of Mama Mary. It's October, universally known as the month of the Holy Rosary after all. :) I should try to say the Holy Rosary this month. It has been a while. I used to say it everyday. What happened?

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