Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Random Rants and Raves

I am still in the middle of my work day but I find a need to blog as I am overcome with nostalgia for my younger years. Oh, how I wish I can turn back time so I can enjoy my youth. I am not even thirty yet and hear me talk much about regret. I wonder if I am where the Lord wants me to be. I wonder if all that has happened are things He really wants me to go though. If this is still all tapestry of His great plan.

This morning, I was a bit frustrated because the other morning when I presented to my class the topic on pointers I really thought (because they were so convincing) that they really understand pointers already. Lo, and behold, this morning I gave them a very easy exam and a lot of them did poorly. *wah!* I had to explain again this morning. I gave them assignments and exercises that they can sink their teeth into. I am hoping they will really try to practice. I am still hopeful. I find pointers very fun! I hope that they will also be able to appreciate them. I mean they are intimidating at first but eventually, when they get the hang of it, I am sure they will do great!

Since the typhoon, i have been fixated to Facebook. I keep on checking for updates. You cannot blame me, it can really get you hooked, why with all the videos people are sharing that are sometimes funny, amusing or tear-inducing... I remember the You Can Let Go Now Daddy video. That almost made me cry. I have also tried Farm Town, it was fun for a few days but now it has gotten old. I am not playing Fashion Wars anymore as I find it boring now. I am glad too because I have not been doing a lot of productive work since then.

I better start reading one of the papers in my PhD class. I got a 4.0 on my first paper. Which does not matter much because I am an auditing student *haha!*. Still, it makes me happy! I'm soh shallow!!! :)

I also got in touch with one of my friends today. It was so nice to hear from her after such a long time! I hope we can have a nice long chat because I have so much to tell her and so many pictures to share as well. *sinister laugh*

My favorite Esprit shoes quit on me today. I am hoping I can still get them fixed because I love, love them. I remember when I first saw them in Hong Kong, I just could not leave without them. I think I had to borrow from my little sister just so I can afford them *haha!*. I was running out of cash and I did not want to change my dollars anymore. :) I really have to get them fixed. It's a good thing, my ridiculously priced heels are here in my cubicle and they did not get wet when the university was flooded. The flood did not get into my cubicle thank goodness and very nice people placed the stuff on our desks.

Thank you so much for saving my stuff! :)

This is all for now...

I know I keep on saying goodbye but I just remembered... I am excited about something tonight! I am watching Fame tonight *yey*!!! :)

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