Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Last night I got to see my boyfriend. We went to see Cheaper by the Dozen 2. It was nice seeing a movie with him again. I think the last movie that we saw together was Ako Legal Wife and that seems like agas ago!

The movie was fun! I guess I found it more fun because my boyfriend always jokes about having 12 kids! Goodness how do you manage 12 kids? We had dinner at Superbowl and got to see the entire DLSU basketball team there... BJ Manalo and company with their respective girlfriends!

There were a lot of sales again last night but we did not have enough time to go over the stores. Nonetheless, I had fun with my baby! He is soh cute! I like to just stare at him and just marvel at how blessed I am to have him. I especially like it when he gets my bag when it keeps on slipping down my shoulder. He knows exactly when to get it from me! I love it when he reaches for my hand so we can hold hands as we walk. I like having his arm around me. I find so much joy laughing with him. It seems only like yesterday when he first put his arm around me and my stomach tightened and my heart skipped a beat. My stomach still does the very same thing every time I think about that. Thankfully, I wasn't soh tired last night, that I was able to be an okay company, still not the best but I guess I was okay.

I love you baby!

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