Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Trying Trimester

Every trimester, seems to push me farther to my limits. Don't get me wrong, I kind of like it that every trimester, my life becomes more challenging, otherwise, I'd probably get bored to death.

This trimester I am the following:

  • CCS-Pagkamulat coordinator (the social action committee of the college)

  • ST Practicum coordinator

  • HUCOINT teacher

  • WEBDEVE teacher

  • INTROSE teacher

  • FRMDEV facilitator

  • PhD student

So as you can see, this term is rather packed with action. Though my boyfriend says nothing is going to beat the trimester when I was doing my MS. I did not argue. Yeah, that term was hard.

Anyway, as early as last Friday, three days into the term, I was already feeling the harshness of reality. I, along with a student, am in the process of putting together a Computer Literacy Program for public school teachers and students. For that, I had to ask some teachers to develop manuals. I would be doing the MS Excel manual as well as the diagnostics and I have not begun yet. I also have a Mindoro Flood drive going for the victims of the typhoon at Calapan, Mindoro.

I was so tired last Friday with all the activities that I had to do and after my PhD class, I was just so glad that my boyfriend waited for me until my PhD class ended so we can have dinner together. He is so sweet.

In his arms is where I want to be after an exhausting day! He just melts all the anxiety away!

Thank you love!

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