Friday, January 20, 2006

ABC Baby, You and Me


I finally got the Computer Literacy Program material that will be used for this Saturday's tutorial out of my hair! I'm done with it! I think I did okay. The studsents still have a day to edit it if they want to add more things.

That's not the reason why I'm blogging.

I would just like to share the extreme contentment that I have right now with my relationship. If my brother were reading this, he would tell me that I am just saying this to convince myself but the thing is, I never really blogged with other people in mind. Sorry, but really, this is more like a way for me to exhale. Right now, I am contented.

What made me contemplate about this oh so suddenly...

I saw Rumors Has It. My mom bought a pirated copy. *sheepish grin* I know it's bad enough that I saw it on pirated DVD but the movie is bad enough for me to say that I do not regret watching it on pirated DVD. A line in the movie struck me though...
It doesn't matter what you do together, it's the person you are with that matters.

Every little thing he does is magic
Every little thing just turns me on

I love hearing that song because following that song is always the voice of my baby!

He called to let me know he is near our place already and if I am coming down to meet him. He was going to pick up his dad tonight and he decided to swing by my place first to see me. Isn't he the sweetest? I swam tonight and undeniably so because I still smelled of chlorine. My brother and my sister loathes the smell of it. Add to that the not-exactly-fragrant lotion from Lush , called Dream Cream. It's the only thing that works for my skin. I also use Nivea Firming Lotion with Q10 for my upper arms which smells awful too! I knew I smelled terrible already so I did not bother to cover it up with anything. Okay, I put on some Lip and Cheek from The Body Shop and some Ilog Maria lip balm for my lips. My lips get chapped from swimming too and that lip balm is the only thing that works for me too. I tied my hair into a pony tail and that was that. I was wearing my glasses that my boyfriend finds tacky but I did not feel like wearing my contacts anymore.

I finally got out of the unit and positioned myself beside the elevator preparing to jump in front of it when he comes out. The elevator stopped, I waited, my heartbeat racing, I saw a shadow... I almost leaped in front of him to surprise him... but to my embarassment it was not him. I was wearing my pajamas already! The guy must have thought I was a nutcase... Thank goodness I did not jump in front of him, funny faces and all!!! That would have been a floor-swallow-me-now-puhleez moment!!!

A few minutes later, the guy I was meaning to surprise finally arrived. I was going to surprise him but when he peeked out of the elevator door, I had to hold my breath. He just looked soh cute in his rowing shirt from the Green Mile Regatta, June 2001. He was also wearing a red and black Nike shorts and Nike slippers. He looked so cute! I especially liked the smile!

I greeted him with a hug. I could not let him in anymore 'coz mom was already asleep so we just talked on the stairs of our floor. And then I broke into a song... A you're adorable, B you're so kissable, C you're a cutie full of charm... and then we found ourselves singing the song and teasing one another...

Just like that. I have the time of my life sitting on the staircase singing an elementary song simply because I have with me the person who has made me realize that I can love more than I have ever known and that I can receive more love than I have ever believed I could.

I had a great time. Thank you for making simple joys happen.

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