Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ane-tipolo Party

My boyfriend's cousin Ane who also happened to be my favorite just passed the board exam for dentistry so we were invited for a celebration at Antipolo. I was looking forward to the party but I got too tired at the party because early that morning, I had to be at the graduation (one of my teacherly duties). After the graduation I went to Makati for a haircut and to get a gift for the cousin. My boyfriend and I have not been able to find time to buy a gift. We have both been awfully busy. I crammed a PhD paper last week. It seems that lately I have to do so much in a day!

The haircut took so long because they had to iron my hair. I had to go to Marks and Spencer to buy the gift and the underwear that I had to wear that night for the Chinese New Year. I headed back to the condo to change and then headed to the ground floor but then I realized that I did not have the gift in hand, I went back up to get it. When I got to the ground floor they were already there! I was so embarrassed. I don't know for how long they had to wait.

Most of the time at the party, I was in a daze. It did not escape my boyfriend of course. My brain was not at its finest... Missing out some of the jokes of my beau. Luckily though, I think I was able to talk to his family members with ease. His mom was with us and it's always a joy to be with her because she's bubbly and cheerful. I remember the first party we went to at Antipolo, the van was so quiet and it was a bit awkward perhaps because his mom was not with us then. Of course, it could also have been because that was only the third time that I have been with them.

I got to see my beau's grandma again! She is the coolest grandma I know! Too bad we did not get to talk much. I like it when she hugs me when I lean to kiss her (that's how they bless in my boyfriend's family). She does it in the most sincere way and then she squeezes my hand after. I can't help but love her! It's like she's my real grandmother. I miss spending time with her.

I also got to see his aunt and uncle who are my favorite too! Too bad, I did not get to talk to them much. His uncle has cancer of the lungs and that Saturday night, I can see how it is taking its toll on his body. I feel bad, especially because he used to be so active and cheerful. I am still praying for him. I hope my boyfriend's aunt will continue to be strong. Their son is also very nice. I got to chat with him a bit that night as well.

The celebrant and her siblings are I think, my boyfriend's most sociable cousins. It's not surprising though, their father after all is a councilor in La Union! I got to see the eldest sibling dance and as my beau said, he is quite a dancer! Maybe he can teach me a move or two!

While eating and chatting with my boyfriend and occassionally with his sisters and cousins, I could not help but marvel at the striking resemblance of my boyfriend and his dad. I have never seen too much resemblance in father and son as I have seen in them. I could not help but remember the first time I saw his dad at his sister's party, I was literally in awe!

My boyfriend was as tired as I was that night and I have no idea if he enjoyed that night at all. I hope he did though. Though we were with one another that night, and sat across each other, it seemed as if we were apart. Going to Antipolo was different however, we were even texting one another and I was anticipating the moment when I could finally be beside him. While we were at the party though, it looked as though we were distant. I guess we were just both tired at that time since he was coming from a Tagaytay outing.

He confessed later, that he drove half asleep because he was too tired already.

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