Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blowing Kisses and Covers

I was at Lulu Castagnette last Saturday with my boyfriend. I was just trying out some outfits because this boutique is my new addiction! I like their pants and with the low waist craze I am into right now, it has come in handy that I have found myself pants that fit like a glove. My boyfriend picked out a pair of low waist, faded pants and suggested that I try it on. I told him I was not going to buy anything because I have just bought three new pairs in a span of two months. I tried it on and I loved it! My boyfriend, while I was in the fitting room handed me a blue racer back shirt and asked me to try it with the pants. I liked it too. I loved it even more when he told me he was going to pay for them too. They're his gift to me! I was thrilled of course... I felt like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman! He asked me to try a dozen more outfits but in the end the pants and the racer ack really cut it for me!

Thanks baby!

My mind was set to have dinner at Superbowl but when we found our way to Landmark, I had a vision of Bubba Gump's luscious Mahi Mahi fish in bourbon sauce with succulent shrimps, mashed potato and shoestring and I just had to suggest Bubba Gump. Undecided as we always are, we decided to settle matters in a very scientific way... Heads or Tails... Superbowl won and then we both frowned. So then we knew we both wanted to eat at Bubba Gump hehe!

During the hearty meal, my blog was brought up. I recently acquired a statcounter account that tells me how many visitors have visited my page. Apart from that, it also tells me how long a visitor stays, the IP address of the visitor, the entry point and so on and so forth. I coaxed my boyfriend, using the statcounter account to tell me if he has been reading my blog all this time or not. Ha! Lo and behold... He has! I don't know for how long! A part of me has been wondering for the longest time if he has been because there were moments when he would come up with lines that I have written in my blog! Well... well... well... looks like our covers have been blown!

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