Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hectic Friday

Friday is my hell day no doubt.

My Fridays begin at 920 in the morning with my INTROSE class. After which I proceed to my INTROSE project meeting til 1130. At 1130 to 1230 I go to my FORMDEV class. At 1250 to 230pm I conduct my HUCOINT class. After which, I get a one hour break for my errands and other things that I have to do on the side. An hour later, I walk to my last INTROSE class at 3:40pm. At 4:40pm I sprint to the sport complex to play badminton for an hour with friends. I get a thirty minute break and then PhD class begins at 6pm and ends at 8pm. I'm just lucky coz it should end at 9pm.

This was my toxic but fun Friday last week.

With the tight schedule that I had to follow, I could noy but myself 2 pairs of shorts. I fitted my shorts that Friday morning and the shorts were not as comfortable as I want them. I asked my baby if he can swing by the mall to get me some shorts. He willingly agreed to shop for me.

You might be wondering what I was thinking asking a guy to buy me shorts. I really trust my boyfriend to buy my clothes because he picks out nice stuff. I told him I'll pay him after. I thought he was just going to go to Lulu Castagnette and get two shorts from the shop. I was so surprised that he really went scouting, short hunting is more like it. He's been everywhere, Girbaud, Mango, but in the end we had to settle with Lulu coz I have not fit the shorts from Girbaud and Mango. The Lulu shorts on the other hand I have fitted already.

Thank baby for being ever so reliable and for bearing with the weird stares of the boyfriends at the waiting area of Mango as you browsed through the merchandise of the shop along with shopaholic women. Thanks for going out of your way to get me a pair of shorts. I love them! You have as always made an exhausting day a fun one!

I love you!

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