Tuesday, January 10, 2006


It's amazing how you can sometimes feel that your mom does not love you but in the end, you know deep in your heart, that no one will ever love you more than she does. It's uncanny that no matter how many timses we fight with our mothers, we will never love another woman as much as we love her.

It's a phenomenon.

My mom and my sister fight a lot and I am reminded of the many arguments that we also had when I was a teenager. Growing up, me and my mother never quite understood each other. We rarely see eye to eye. But as the years progressed, I have learned to accept that we are two different people and as such, we have different strokes. Over the years, I have learned to love her for how she is. Now, there are still times when we argue but I try to always remember that no matter what happens, she is my mother, and no one has ever given as much as she has.

I love you mommy!

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Anonymous said...

remember, one day you are stronger than your mom and she can not fight you anymore just because she is afraid that you can give her a beating in a real fight