Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Seeing Through The Lens

Macro Shot Attempt Posted by Picasa

On our way back to Manila, I took out my boyfriend's D70S. I took some pictures back in the resort and my boyfriend complimented me on a picture i took of a string of pearls. That was all the encouragement I needed.

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I took more than ten pictures from inside the car. My boyfriend tells me they turned out great. I haven't seen them though. I'm mighty excited to see them!!! I'll post the pictures here once I get some copies. Of course, only of those pics without people in them.

I love looking into the view finder. Things look so much better from that small window of the world. I can be selective and just frame those things I want to see. I can focus on the beauty of things and not the totality. I can take the good and not take the bad that comes along with the good. I can paint the world in a much rosy color.

I cannot begin to describe the joy of taking pictures... I guess this is the reason why every time my boyfriend takes pictures, an eternal smile is unconsciously pasted on his lips. I understood him earlier that day in one of the cavanas as I was taking pictures of jewelries peddled by the local vendors.

I now see photography through the same lens my boyfriend does. I am still an apprentice but I am under the wings of a master.

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