Friday, January 06, 2006

8's a D8

I am quite el8d to realize that it has been 8 months since we became a couple!

We celebrated tonight by shopping for his slacks at Robinson's Place. Lately, we have been doing things like that. Processing his NBI clearance, shopping for long sleeves, shopping for his slacks are among the things we do together these days. I am not really complaining since it is but practical to do these things. I mean, I am taking so much of his free time and the only time he can find to do these things is when he is with me. I am glad to be with him doing these things anyway, at least I know I am supporting him all the way.

After shopping we went to Don Henrico's for dinner where we ordered Mozarella Sticks,
Chili Shrimp in Olive Oil Pasta and Buffalo Wings. The first two entrees were okay but the Buffalo Wings were not so good. They obviously rushed the cooking and one wing was raw. We complained about it and the waiter just cooked it again and returned the chicken to us! We were appalled! So we complained to the manager and the manager ordered another buffalo wing.

During the dinner I had to look at the Headstrong materials because most part of it was UML and object-oriented programming and out of enthusiasm I broke out into a lecture which I think my beau did not like. I was thinking maybe we can begin tonight since I cannot see that we have a lot of time in our hands anymore. I think that kind of dampened the mood. Darn.

With full stomachs we walked to Bay Walk to hang out and to listen to some of the bands there. We also hung out by the sea wall to watch the stars and to talk. We capped off our first date at that very place. That was where we got to know each other.

I still have work tomorrow so we decided to walk back to our parking.

Today there were no elaborate surprises. I can sense we are past the honeymoon stage as predicted by most faculty members. Of course I do not expect a full production every month. He is still sweet to me and he's still there for me when I need him and I think that is what matters. But then of course, being a girl, I would not mind a nice show to behold every now and then hehe... Maybe these past two months is his way of telling me that I should no longer expect much every month. He also had to spend a lot this month. Yesterday I attended a dinner he treated his workmates to and of course he had to shop for his pants and then there was the Christmas season, not to mention his regular Globe bill and gas expenses. With the prices of everything rocketing we should really start getting practical.

Yet a part of me wishes we never have to be so realistic hehe...