Saturday, January 14, 2006

It's a Sea-lebration!

Last night I was at the birthday celebration of my boyfriend's father. We ate at Lola Inang's of Seaside. The food was great. I am such a seafood binger! I was hesitant to go with my boyfriend because I had a PhD class til 9pm though I was sure that it would not go until 9pm. At the most, the class will be until 8:30. Before my PhD class, I already texted him that I won't be coming. After my PhD class, I called him to check if he got my message, and then he informed me that his youngest sister and himself are still in Makati and that I should come along because his mom invited me.

Timid at first, I rode with them and found myself seated across his mom, having soh much fun! His family is so nice! I especially like his mom because she always has a lot of stories to tell. She was wearing the blouse that we gave her for Christmas that I picked out. It looked nice on her. I also got to see his uncle (one of my fave in his family) and then of course his aunt who is another absolute fave! I did not get to talk to them much though because tney were at the other end of the table.

Another bonus of the night was when his mom informed us that her biopsy results were okay. She had some health problems in the latter part of 2005. She has iodine deficiency and then a lump formed in her throat. The iodine supplement should take care of it so she had to undergo further tests. I am very glad she is alright.

Speaking of matters of the health, I had sharp lower back pains yesterday. I was getting my USB drive from my CPU so I had to bend over, and it hurt so much just to bend over. It hurt even more to get back to my posture. I was thinking if this has anything to do with my eating big blocks of tofu the night before at Wai Ying with my boyfriend. My back hurt again when I was on my way for my PhD class and I had to bend over to get my house keys. It was excruciating. If it strikes again, I will go see a doctor.

I was supposed to go to Gawad Kalinga today but because of the back pains, I do not think I will be much help so I chose not to go anymore. Plus, I discovered that all my rubber shoes, save for one that is new and is very white, are all smiling. The soles are sticking out already and so even if my back was fine, my shoes weren't. I guess I was never meant to go.

I think my back hurting again but the pain is not as sharp.

I hope it was just because of the tofu. I am such a soya addict. I should have my uric acid level checked.

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