Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sunday Leisure

I got to attend a kiddie birthday party last Sunday at McDonald's LP with my boyfriend since he is one of the ninongs! His godchild is soh pretty! We got to wear Princess and Prince party hats! It was so much fun! The highlight of my party was when he bought me a drink from the counter. It was so sweet of him. He had to buy me a glass of iced tea because I do not drink softdrinks and they only served softdrinks in the party. I like it that he is sweet like that. He always looks after me when we are at a roadside or crossing the street and he always helps me carry things. I have been blessed with such a sweet boyfriend!

After the party, we went to my boyfriend's house to pick up his siblings and then we all headed to Southmall. His dad called while we were on the way and asked if we could swing by Gabby Barredo's place. If you can remember from one of my entries, he's the artist whose exhibit we went to. His house is so beautifully crafted. Every detail is a sight to behold. I wonder though, how he comes up with those things. The theme of his house is rather Gothic.

We strolled the mall a bit and then his older sister treated us to Jollibee and then we heard mass at Mary, Mother of the Church. We were a bit late. His sisters did not hear mass anymore as they have heard mass already that morning. I was a bit embarrassed that they had to wait in the car while we heard mass.

We found ourselves back at my boyfriend's home eating dinner with his dad. His dad was rather jolly that night. He was to go home to La Union but then decided against it since it will be his birthday this Thursday.

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