Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Flats and Spikes

toot...toot...toot... So goes my ECG for a life...

Last night was one of my low points. I had a pile of INTROSE papers to check. It was taking me forever to check each paper because errors abound and I wanted papers this trimester that were good. Added to that, I submitted a paper to a conference and I was supposed to get the feedback yesterday afternoon but no feedback was in my inbox. I checked again at six in the evening and it was right then that I knew it was not going to come.

Who was I kidding?

I did not tell my boyfriend about it because I did not want to feel embarassed if it never got through but in my bout of immense disappointment, I told him about it.

I was glad I did.

He comforted me as always and tried his best to make me feel better in spite his own worries at work. He has a deadline today and left the office late last night. Thanks baby!

It also helped that there were supportive people in the faculty room telling me that things will be alright and that they were sure my paper got in and that the feedback just took a long time.

This morning, I emailed the organizers to check on the feedback as suggested by one of my colleagues. As I read my last email to them, I realized that I typed in my contact information incorrectly, they sent the confirmation to the wrong address!

A few minutes later, I got my acceptance letter! :D

I was soh thrilled! It was like I won an award or something! Now all I have to do is to write the actual paper because we were only asked to submit an abstract!

The first person I texted about the good news? My baby! I knew that he would share the same joy I was overflowing with!

It's nice to have someone whom I can share my sorrow and my joys with. Thank you for never ceasing to believe in me love!

toot... toot... toot...

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