Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Tale of Zambales

I woke up at 7am to pack my stuff. I was bursting at the seams with excitement! I was going to Pampanga with my baby and his former officemates! Yahoo!

Of course before I do, I had to endure my hell Friday but when you are doing one task after another, time flies without much ado.

Before I knew it, it was time to leave the condo to go to my boyfriend's house. He still had to pack. I begin to psyche myself for the long wait as we drove to their place. He takes forever to get ready for an outing but I don't mind 'coz most of the time I am soh excited and spend most of the time thinking of the trip ahead.

So You Think You Can Dance, a Friends episode and half an Elvis movie later, we were on our way to Amkor to meet up with his officemates.

His officemates were very warm toward me! I never feel out of place around them. Maybe it's coz my boyfriend has always been nice to them. A few minutes later we were on our way to a bank because my boyfriend was going to withdraw some money.

My beau pulled over in front of the machine and left us to talk inside the car. We had a couple ride with us and they were very sweet. They look cute together! Another former female officemate rode with us. I find her pretty and she's so nice too! A few minutes later, my boyfriend, a bit upset informed us that the machine hung and that it did not dispense the money it should. We had to call up the call center adn few minutes more, we were on our way to Pampanga.

We are yet to find out after two working days if they will refund the money that did not come out of the ATM machine.

A few hours and 60 minutes of sleep later, we found our way to Zambales! I did not know we were going to Zambales! I thought we were going to stay at Pmapanga! No matter, I just want to go to the beach! I could not wait to get into my swimsuit and swim in the sea! I love swimming!!!

I loved the place. The beach was clear and there were not so many boats that abound the shore. It was just perfect! Well... it was save for the resort caretaker who was such a pill charging us for almost everything!

We got to the place half past five in the morning and so we got to rest for a while. Two of his female officemates and myself got restless and so we swam in the pool. They found the water cold, I of course did not think it was cold because I'm used to swimming in the icy cold water of the pool at the sports complex. We moved to the beach a few strokes later.

The water in the beach was great! It got better when I saw that my baby was there! He looks so cute taking pictures of things around him!

After breakfast and after the Lunch crew prepared the food to be grilled at Capones Island, Zambales, we were good to go. We rode in four boats. My baby took pictures again, it was a good thing he brought along his D70S. The island was nice. It had sedimentary walls (I am autovocabulizing again, I don't know what to call them), the sand was white but not so pure but the place was not a great place to swim in. The water there was too shallow and were inhabited by corals that sadly, are now dead. I got really far from the shore but I never quite got to a place where there were nice corals.

We had lunch under the shade of the sedimentary rock. They grilled tilapias and liempos and we even had mangoes for dessert! His officemates are amazing! They can conjure up the best tasting meals even when in an outing! The team forgot to bring glasses though so we all had to come up with ways to drink! Some people got cellophanes and filled them with water, tied one end and bit open the other end and drank. Some sliced softdrink bottles in two, while some asked for glasses from other people who were also at the island.

After lunch and a whole lot of pictures taken by my baby, we were on our way to the Camera Island. By this time, I already looked like a Lyna mascot with all the sunblock I put on my face and my body (Thanks baby for putting on me sunblock lotion!) I wonder if this is how geishas come to be hehe :))

Camera Island is my favorite island because I can swim there. There were still corals there but it allowed more space to swim in. We also found a cave there and the sand bar where the waves meet was an amazing experience! It was like really being in a wave pool! Except you can hurt yourself because there were sharp rocks. The sand bar goes all the way to another island allowing you to cross. My boyfriend and I did not bother. We could not see why we should. :)

We saw a cave there too! Well, not exactly a cave but a place underneath two gigantic boulders. Really romantic! And there was also a jungle there but we never went there, it did not appeal to me much.

The island was very beautiful! We spent the rest of the afternoon lying on the sand, where my boyfriend caught a few winks. He never really slept until that time.

We had to go back to the island at around 3pm so the waves won't get too big.

Upon landing, I headed to the shower to rid myself of hte sand and jumped into the pool as I waited for all the others to finish taking baths. I took a bath and after which, my boyfriend and I decided to watch the sun set. I did not want sand to get in between my toes so I kiddingly asked him to give me a piggy back ride to the cottage and he did!!!

I felt like a girl from a romantic Korean film! He lied down on one of the cottage tables, his head on my lap and as we waited for the sun to set, he fell asleep. He asked me to wake him up when the sun was halfway down but well... yup you guessed that right, I lied down perpendicular to him, his head now on my tummy and we both fell asleep. It was already pitch black when I opened my eyes.

Dinner time!

We were in charge of dinner but the people who prepared dinner, were aslo the lunch crew who will also turn out to be the breakfast crew as well... I helped slice calamansi... does that count?

As they got dinner ready I got to have a long adn interesting conversation with the four year old son of one of my boyfriend's officemates. He is so cute and smart!

We had tuna, chicken adobo and some really hot salsa! Yumm!!! After dinner, my boyfriend and I found a nearby cottage and lied down on separate benches. He was given cans of Strong Ice. I was just so contented being in that cottage with him. We joined the bonfire a few minutes later. He took pictures of the bonfire and then we retreated to the cottages again to listen to music and keep each other warm. It felt nice to be with him in a cold night like that.

We fell asleep on the benches again and the coldness of the air woke me up. As we headed to the rooms, we saw that the bonfire people were having a discussion with a tanod. Apparently, a drunk man pieked a fight and they ignored him but he got more people... I only understood up to that point because I was too sleepy to understand the rest of the story.

The following morning, we were all set to go! We had breakfast, yummy bacon and tuna! My boyfriend took more pictures and I spent more time with the cute kid!

A few hours later, we were on our way to Pampanga... This time for real!

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