Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I gave my new young friend a high five before he ran towards his dad's car. I closed the door of my boyfriend's and sighed as I looked around. Zambales is a paradise undiscovered by many. Somehow, a part of me is glad that there aren't so many resorts around that place, otherwise it would have ruined the beauty of hte island. I hope that when I get the chance to visit again, it will still be as alluring as it was that very day we left. Of course, nothing is ever constant but then, I can wish can't I?

Once again we were on the road back to Manila but before we head back, we were to have lunch at Pampanga! My boyfriend's boss' treat! Pampanga is his hometown! On our way there, we were desperately seeking for a radio station so we can find out what the latest is about Pacquiao's match with Morales!

Fortunately, we were able to tune in to RMN despite the scarcity of signal. I witnessed Pacquiao's first match with Morales on the radio live, in fact I even spoiled the results for my boyfriend because I thought the broadcast on TV was also live. While we hoped to hear the fight live, we found out that ABS-CBN is not allowing people to air the fight because they had exclusive rights to the show.

People, dismayed and disappointed, called in. RMN, enjoying the sympathy from the public encouraged people to call and send text messages. People who were differently abled (the politically correct term for the disabled, I found out from one of the callers) flooded in. I felt bad for them... Then of course there are the soldiers who could have heard the fight over the radio because they had no access to televisions. Another group is the oppressed who cannot afford to buy televisions and of course those who do not have electricity and can only provide for themselves, radios that can be operated on batteries.

It was very sad.

Save for one caller...

In a really gay voice:

"Hello, this is joey. I would like to make a comment on what a blind man said earlier. He stated earlier that he is blind and because of that he won't be able to watch the fight of Manny Pacquiao on TV but after saying so he swore that he will never again watch Channel 2. I think what he said is contradicting. I would also like to say that I think ABS has every right to keep others from airing the fight because that is their intellectual property right... "

Okay by this time I was just laughing real hard! Along with the other people in the car... Intellectual huwaaat?

We found out through the lousy coverage of DZMM (the radio station of ABS-CBN) that Pacquiao won. Thank goodness it was Castillejo who got to report about the tenth round! I can't believe they had Christy Fermin report about the other rounds! The least that they could have done was to get a sportscaster to cover the event! I know, they were just hitting two birds with one stone given that Fermin is from The Buzz, thw showbiz show of ABS. But come on! That was an important fight and they already banned people a thousand times better than Fermin to cover the event. To give you an idea how she did...

"Okay we have just finished round 5, we are now into round 6. I think round 5, was our round. As you can see..."

No we can't you're on radio remember...

We got to Pampanga finally. By that time Pacquiao has already won but on ABS it was just round 2. What given that a commercial break spans two rounds and there's a commercial break every round there was no way the fight was going to finish soon. We stayed glued on TV nonetheless, cheering for our hero.

Thanks to the victory of Manny, the good food and good company, Pampanga did turn out to be Funfanga!!! :)

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