Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Added Value

Last Saturday,I got to study with my baby and I realized one thing. I am grateful that he was never a study partner until last Saturday. I would not have passed a single subject with him as a study buddy. Whenever we discuss something, he would look at me intently and I would just melt with my thoughts stopping on their tracks. I could not focus. I had to use every ounce of my energy to stick to the topic and schedule.

After studying, we had a hearty dinner and then asked ourselves where else we would like to hang out. Most of the time we are vagabonds with nowhere to go. We'd spend minutes asking each other where we can pass the time. He told me that the Euro Star Carnival is opening that night so we decided to head to the carnival. I was so excited but after I saw the place and found out that it was charging 150Php for the entrance and 400Php for a ride all you can. I was bewildered! Who are they kidding?! There were just a few rides and most of them are commmon rides like the carousel, ferris wheel, octopus etc.. There was a band inside but they were probably just going to play a few sets. We did not enter the carnival because we both thought it was a big rip off. We strolled around Fort Strip instead and then looked around again. They started the fireworks display and the view from where we were, I bet, was better than the view of the people inside the park! It was pretty romantic having my baby to wrap my arms around with as we both tilted our heads upward to watch in amazement the spectacles of color. I felt like a kid shrieking in delight!

The fireworks display is nothing like that of what I saw at Disney World and Disneyland heck, the Enchanted Kingdom fireworks display is even better but then again, those were not free and most of all, my head was not resting on the chest of the love of my life as I saw those shows. I think that makes all the difference. I guess it is true what they say, the best things in life are free.

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