Saturday, December 31, 2005

Aspiration List

Okay, I know last year, I was able to do most of my list so this year, let me also create a list. Maybe it can motivate me to do more things this 2006.

  1. Still read books for leisure

  2. Remember that my younger sister is no longer a baby

  3. Be more organized, organized, organized!

  4. Be more punctual!

  5. Stick to my thrice a week 20-lap swimming, once a week 30 min jog and thrice a week crunches

  6. Earn PhD units

  7. Publish a paper

  8. ERCIM tie up

  9. Make classes informative but exciting and fun

  10. Propose an improved Computer Literacy Program as Pagkamulat Coordinator

  11. Be responsive to calamity victims

  12. Encourage more faculty involvement in Pagkamulat

  13. Be a good Practicum coordinator

  14. Complain less :)

  15. Less topaks for my boyfriend to worry about

  16. Continue to be an active lector

  17. Become a better badminton player

  18. Join a fun run

  19. Skate again

  20. Sing more

  21. Read more, learn more

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