Saturday, December 24, 2005

Night Before Christmas

It's almost Christmas Eve and though I am not in La Union with my beau, I cannot help but smile to myself. I was invited to go there several times and that is enough to warm my heart. Of course a part of me wishes I could be with him physically, but it's enough to have him in my life. He is my early Christmas present. In fact, yesterday, marks the first year after my friend's mom mentioned his name to me and told me what a wonderful man he is and that we would probably click if we were introduced to one another. It marks the day when he texted me, I never texted back adnd that was the end of it. Until after two months when we were introduced in February through a Yahoo Messenger conference. The rest is love story.

After he came into my life, everyday has been filled with surprises, everyday has become a crisp Christmas morn and it is everyday that I feel like a bright-eyed child receiving a Christmas present.

To the Eternal Gift Giver, I am forever grateful.

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