Sunday, December 25, 2005

Confessions of a Shopaholic

My Shopping Spree

Not really a shopaholic but I couldn't resist the drama of it.

Last Wednesday, my sister and I went to St. Paul to get the coat that she forgot. It's her costume for her cosplay event. After which, we went to Megamall. I did not have my license with me as it is in my RAV4 that is in Cavite so I could not bring my brother's RAV4. We had to ride the bus and then transfer to MRT. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the people there. We were literally just breathing on each other's necks... smelly, perspiring necks! It was a mob! After a few minutes, we got into the MRT train, fortunately, we were able to grab some seats because by the time we got to the Ayala station, it was crammed. Crammed, packed, no word can describe it! If we were all standing, our noses will already be sticking on the windows because, we were that jampacked!!!

We got to Megamall finally, getting out of the train was quite the challenge!

I got to buy a lot of clothes! My sister got to buy some stuff of her own too though she was unable to find Advent Children OST. I also met there the secretary of my father. He gave me the stuff my Papa sent us and then we gave him the polo that we bought for our Papa. We got him a size 44 Lacoste and we later found out, he's a size 41 so we have to return the polo.

We left the mall at 1030pm I think. Lo and behold, outside the mall, there was a throng of people waiting to get a taxi. I was left with no choice... I had to call my knight in shining armor. I was embarassed and all but at the time, it was my only hope what with all the shopping bags that I had with me plus my sister that I had to care for. Valiant as he is, he graciously agreed to pick us up and he did. He was simply amazing! I knew he was hungry and yet he picked us up. I love this man soh much!!!

I was unable to get him a gift as I do not know what his size was.

His Christmas Shopping
The following day, I accompanied him to buy gifts for the reunion this Christmas and for his family members! I had fun finding the clothes for the girls in his family! I love him soh much for trusting me in picking things out for him! Of course, these are all subject to his approval!

After shopping we went to see King Kong.

I felt bad that I had to interrupt our shopping by having to go back to La Salle to enroll... It was most annoying but I was left with no choice. The changes were so sudden that no one knew about it. Sometimes the registrar's office is so difficult to understand.

That day was so fun!

When he took me home, he surprised me with his gift!

I was caught by surprise because I thought he did not have a gift for me yet, which was okay because I had no gift for him yet either. I had no time to buy it yet. I wanted to buy it with him because I wanted his exact size.

My Christmas Shopping
I wanted to surprise him and so before he went to La Union, I wanted to give him a gift. So with my sister in tow (She wanted to come along to look for the Advent Children OST yet again) I went to Southmall. I bought him long sleeves from Arrow and a Parker pen. I wanted to engrave it with my name so they know he's taken at Headstrong haha :)) but that would be soh freaky! :D

He met us there and insisted that he take us home because riding the bus would be difficult already. I knew I should not have taken the ride but how can I pass up on a chance to spend more time with this guy before he leaves for La Union for three long days? After he gets back, he will be very busy too because of the turnover... I will miss him but that's okay... Knowing I have him in my life is more than enough!

I love you baby!!!

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