Thursday, December 29, 2005

To Let A Pigeon Fly

My 14 year old sister and I have been spending so much time together! She's the youngest in the family and so I have the tendency to treat her as though she were a helpless baby. I have come to the realization that she is becoming a woman and thus should be geared to be so. I cannot stop time and as I am but a mere mortal I have no choice but to yield and to come to my senses. She is a young woman. She can be trusted to do certain things on her own.

I have already taught her how to commute using public transportation going to St. Paul and Megamall. I have taken her to Southmall also in a bus. We have gone to Ayala by taking the LRT and the MRT. I have taught her how to iron a shirt. She can now have food delivered on her own and there are times when I can leave her alone in the condo. It is about time she learn to do things on her own.

I am the eldest, as such, my mom relied on me a lot. She expected me to grow up quickly. At the age of 12, I was able to go home from Saudi to the Philippines with my 8 year old brother in tow and a giant balikbayan box. From the NAIA, was able to manage to get a taxi to bring us to our house. In the house, we only had our maid and I was in charge of withdrawing money from the bank. I learned how to drive at the age of 11. I started driving to school at the age of 15. I started ironing my clothes at the age of 13. I started to take public transportation at the age of 13. What I do not understand though is why it is so difficult for me and for my mom to let my sister be more self-reliant. In the process, we deprive her of the lessons only experience can teach her.

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