Friday, December 16, 2005

On the First Day of Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi is a Filipino tradition that began when the Spaniards conquered the archipelago to encourage Filipinos to hear mass. Though it has been in the Philippines for centuries now, I only began hearing masses at dawn last year. I was lacking three masses last year I think, and this year, I want to be able to complete it.

I was the first reader of the first simbang gabi this year at DLSU. I had to wake up at half past four in the morning. Lucky me, I live nearby. It will be harder next week though, when there will no longer be a simbang gabi at DLSU and I will have to catch the half past four mass at San Isidro. Oh my. I really do hope my will power is stronger than my urge to sleep!

Last year, I did not make a wish... I was not able to complete the nine masses at dawn but nonetheless, the Lord gave me a gift. Theoretically, I got the gift on December 23, but it technically arrived around late February of last year... February 26 to be exact. I am glad I got the gift I did not ask for but it was what I wanted and needed. Why did I not ask for it? Because everytime I do... I never really get it. I get some imitation, never good enough to equal or even rival the authentic. This year, I did not ask for it anymore, but I got it anyway. This time, I believe, it's the authentic one. The one that is really for me. The one I never thought would come my way in this lifetime. I love this gift and shall cherish it all my life.


I have a pending date later tonight! Yuppeee!!! I miss my baby soh much! He is soh busy these days what with the turnover documents that he has to furnish...

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