Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Beyond a Merry Christmas Party

Last night I attended yet another Christmas party but by far, last night was the most fun party I have been to.

There was great food cooked by the mom of my boyfriend's boss.

There were games and thus, roaring laughter.

There were bloopers, unthinkable and wacky enough it can qualify for the Funniest Videos finals.

There were song numbers and disturbing dance numbers!

There were tears also since my boyfriend's boss, my boyfriend and our common friend are leaving the company this month. This is such a great loss for their team. Only one person will shoulder everything that will be left. I pray that he'll be able to overcome these challenges.

The best moment for me though was when the mic was passed on to my baby and he started singing...

You give me hope
The strength the will to keep on

And when he got to the chorus part his boss handed him a flower vase with yellow flowers. He then started to walk my way...

It's your smile
Your face your lips that I miss

He knelt on one knee as he sang and handed me the vase. It cracked everyone up! It cracked me up but more than that, I was blushing and my stomach started flipping... I was ecstatic and shocked out of my wits because I never thought he could do something like that in front of soh many people. I was so glad he's in my life. I don't think anyone has ever done to me something as sweet and as cute as that.

I love you baby in spite and despite of my tililings!

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