Thursday, December 29, 2005

Break Me, Shake Me

Breaking Ice

As I have said in my previous post, I have been spending a lot of time with my youngest sibling. She can be such a great company but she can also be difficult at times. Well, that was before, these days, she's just a darling to hang out with. I love her!

We have been raiding malls the past few days. We bought our gifts together. We even attended a toy convention together where she dressed up as Edward Elrich of Full Metal Alchemist and I dressed up as the Tomb Raider hehe... Really embarassing but it was kinda fun too. The horrible part is that my students saw me! Darn it! I hope she had as much fun as I did!

Breaking Laws

Going home from the convention, I evaded a traffic enforcer. He was asking me to pull over because I swerved. I hate driving in Ortigas! I had to swerve because I was in the third lane and I had to go to the second lane from the right. The first two lanes from the right are yellow lanes reserved for the buses and I should have swerved so I could U-turn. I was two meters from the fence when I swerved to the right and that was when an MMDA officer tried to make me stop. He exhausted his means to the point that he was really using his arm and body to stop me. I did not stop. I know. I am soh evil. I am really sorry but if they had enough signs there it would not happen. My brother also got apprehended in that same spot for occupying the yellow lane. I hate it that their solution to the problem is to have people guard the fence, when street signs can actuall do the trick. The fence by the way is not reflectorized and there are no signs prior to the fence. That fence can prove to be fatal one of these days. Maybe I should write someone a letter or maybe I could send a letter to the editor about this. I have had a classmate who died due to a car crash in EDSA. He crashed into a maldesigned flyover. He was a very promising, intelligent and terribly nice gentleman.

Breaking Colonial Mentality

Last night I saw Ako Legal Wife Mano Po 4? with my boyfriend. I am not ashamed to say that I enjoyed the film. It was really funny. There were certain parts of the film that made me reflect at how unfair the world sometimes is to women but most parts of it, I enjoyed because scenes were funny. I guess, a part of me was affected because I have always been sensitive to issues concerning women and their rights. The movie, though it banked on immorality, somehow resolved the issues in the end. Don't forget to bring an open mind.

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