Sunday, December 04, 2005

Aspects of Love

2000 at the Republic of Malate Theater
after 3 hours of videoke at Music 21

The theater reminded me of the theaters during the time of William Shakespeare as portrayed in the movie Shakespeare in love. The theater was very small, it was slightly bigger than two classrooms combined... but never mind how the theater looked, it was made classy by the ambiance and the people who attended... but never mind that either. Those things are but superficial what mattered was the actual experience of the musical and how it brought us to journey with Rose, Alex, George, Giulietta and Jenny. The five characters whose love life seemed to be entangled in some sick twist. This might easily have been the inspiration of all those teen shows like Melrose Place, The O.C., Dawson's Creek and the list goes on.

The musical had a very mature topic and I am really grateful that I did not bring my little sister. Besides, the music might not be upbeat enough for her.

I shall no longer discuss how the story went for that may be looked up on the net. I shall no longer rave about how great Monique Wilson was in her role because that is to be expected. I shall not comment about how tireless and extremely talented the pianists were. I will refrain from stating the obvious that is the Filipinos are truly excellent and brimming with talent in the arts. Instead, allow me to state some things that played on my mind as I saw the musical.

Love changes everything

It changes the way you look at life and the way you live. It can mess up your world and from that moment you know it will never be the same. It can change your life, both for the good and bad. Love makes a fool of everyone and sometimes if you are lucky being a fool can make you wise.

Not so many are lucky though...

Seeing is Believing

Though hearing the sweetest of words can make one's feet leave the solid ground, there is nothing compared to the hard truth and reality of somebody's actions.

Take a Risk, Take a Ride
Sure, loving is about taking risks but there are times when the ride is well-worth it. Sometimes you don't necessarily end up where you want to go but the ride in itself can be its own reward.

There's More To Love
I think the reason why we never grow tired of discussing love is because it is beyond all of us. There is more to love than we could ever fathom as mere mortals but to just experience part of the whole, can already be unforgettable.

Love Knows No Boundaries
Love does not see age, race, face... it can only see nothing. It is how one would want to paint it.

Love has been good to me these past few months and I pray that it will continue to be good to me. As the song goes:

If you reach
For the moon,
If you aim
For the stars,
Then the moon
And the sky,
Can be yours --
Come on and try!

There's a prize
To be won
Take a risk,
Take a ride,
Right this way,
Have a go,
Try your luck --<
And step inside!

-Aspects of Love

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