Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Seventh Heaven

The other day we have hit our seventh month!

The celebration was just at our unit, I just had Yellow Cab delivered because he got out of work late already. He has been very busy lately, he's got a lot of deadlines plus the nearing turnover has also added to his workload. He's moving on to another company you see. He got to the unit quarter to twelve I think. He really just wanted to make it to our celebration.

I, as always crammed so I can come up with something. This month, he was too busy to get me a gift plus, I don't think he has enough funds for a gift too, what with all the blowouts during his birthday week but the card made me cry. Not 'coz I did not get a gift but coz, the words touched me deeply.

Baby, thanks for the seven months of seventh heaven!

I love you!

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