Sunday, October 02, 2005

Enchanted Saturday

Last Saturday morning I got my wings! Finally! Of course, for some it would seem so anticlimactic but not for me. I had anxiety attacks for days. There were nightmares of me forgetting my own graduation and not having an academic gown to wear. Those things... horrible really... But all that is behind me now. After going through what I had to I need not say I was ecstatic to actually finally graduate and have my hand shaken by Brother Armin.

To top it all, my father came! I was soh touched! He finally got to meet the love of my life!

Speaking of my love, he picked me up at 7:30 in the morning so I would not have to take the cab because my family does not want to take me there. Is he not the sweetest?

After my graduation, we went to Blue Wave to eat. My papa gave me my gifts and after eating we parted ways. Mom went home and so did my father. Jet had a gimmick to go to and my lil sis and I were going to EK. The plan was for me to stay with Janine the whole day but somehow when mys sister got to spend time with *** she wanted *** to come with us which was great! I got to spend time with two people I absolutely love.

Heavy flow of traffic welcomed us to SLEX and it was not an easy drive for *** given that he barely had any sleep at all...


We were out 'til early morning. We had a dinner at the Seafood Club at Greenbelt 3 and saw Dubai.

We had so much fun at EK. For the first time my little sister posed for pictures and actually smiled! Even *** was happy that she seems comfortable around him. She also chose to ride Anchors Away also for the first time! We had soh much fun!

Going home, I was very worried that *** might fall asleep because he does seem very exhausted. He has not been getting enough rest and his work has not been easy the past few days. Nonetheless, he saw us through. He got us home safe and sound.

On the way home, the streets to our house was flooded. I was amazed by how he just braved the water... I was a bit embarassed that he had to go through that much trouble considering that we ambushed him to come with us. Good thing he always has rugged clothes in his car just in case he plays Badminton.

After he left, I tried calling him to keep him awake but to no avail. His phone could not be reached. I distinctly remember that his phone was on... I thought of the worst things that could happen and of course I was worried sick. I am such a worry wart! I went as far as calling his house. I was afraid I might wake up somebody but I felt I had no choice... Nobody answered.

I found out this morning that his phone has not been working perfectly last night. Whew! I love him so much! You cannot imagine the relief I felt when I heard him say hello on the other line. I do not think I can go back to not having him in my life.

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