Friday, September 30, 2005

Light Up My Life

I am a drift wood aimlessly floating in the open sea.

Every morning I wake up and I go about my routine like the gears of a clock systematically move every second of the minute of the hour of the day. Where have all the drive and passion for what I do gone? Has the fire been extinguished by the cold gush of the rigors of the previous months?

I feel cold, eyes unable to focus in front of the minds I need to feed. Can they tell? Can the see my hollow self as I bare the syllabus in front of them. I want to give more and yet to no avail. My spirit is unwilling.

Lord light up my desire again to serve in Your name, to glorify You.

You have planted me here and I wish to bloom and grow for You. Shower me with guidance for I am beginning to wilt...

Amazing... that's what You are. A few minutes after I wrote you have answered my call. Thank You for taking the time to direct me to a course again. Thank you for reminding me why I do what I do. Leave me never my Lord for I am lost without You.

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