Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My SohTirDay(Soh Tiring Day)

Early Saturday I had a CLiP tutorial on Excel. After which I prepared myself to go to the Habitat Outreach activity where we were going to build houses! I invited *** to come and surprisingly he obliged!

It was our first outreach activity together and he had all my students awed by his strength! I was more amazed that he chose to be there when he could have just chosen to stay at home and relax.

The housepartners (the beneficiaries) talked to us and a woman cried while thanking us making tears well up my eyes... Thank goodness I was able to contain them or my students would have seen. I know there is no shame in crying but I did not feel like crying at that time.

After the outreach, we were supposed to have a movie date but my sister needed a little cheering up so I suggested that we bring her along and that we watch Corpse Bride instead because it was what my sister wanted to watch.

To my delight, all three of us had a grand time! We had dinner at Kitchen, after which we went to TimeZone and played there! My sister laughed so hard that night. Maybe it's escapism, maybe it's just pure joy... I'd like to think it's the latter. It's a treat to have two of my favorite people in one place, having fun!

*** won tickets for my sister so she can get the prize that she wants. We all played Time Crisis, *** was good at it, my sister was okay and I sucked hehe! We raced on the Daytona too... I actually thought all the while that I was going to win, my rank was after all 1 all throughout the race but then again *** snuck up on me in the last few seconds and he won! When am I going to win a race with this guy? The best part was bowling though... The miniature bowling. *** is a good bowler and well he took the mini game rather seriously! My sister and I were laughing so hard for fear that the machine might collapse any time soon. *** scored most of the tickets from there!

After Time Zone, we went to see the movie. It's another masterpiece by Tim Burton. The music was great! I would even consider getting a copy of the OST! The movie is morbid as expected but really artistic in every sense of the word. There are a lot of "get it... get it" jokes too! It's an entertaining film!

My Saturday was an exhausting one but it was definitely worth every drop of energy!I was sick the whole of Saturday but I had to gather my strength to be able to deliver.

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