Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Knowing Where Your Place Is

Last Thursday I lost my ring...

The night before, I got upset by his constant joke of turning me into a housewife cleaning and cooking after him. Blech!!! Most nights I would just laugh about it but that night I could not just let it go... The wheels in my head began to turn, what if he jokes with the intent to condition my mind that someday I will eventually turn into that housewife?! It was just simply unacceptable in my feminist mind. Feminist as in not going for equality but rather world domination bwahaha!!! *sinister laugh* Just kidding!!!

Actually, I would not really mind cooking and cleaning after my future husband however, I would not want him to have me do it all the time and I would definitely not want him to be lying on the couch watching me do back breaking chores.

After the conversation, though we have talked it over and he finally convinced me that he was just really kidding and that he would never dream of turning me into his personal slave, I was still upset. It takes me a while to get over things.

I washed my face and cleaned up. I took off my ring and fell asleep. I normally sleep with my ring on, but that night I thought I'd sleep without it to free my mind of the discussion that we had earlier.

Morning came and as I went to my class I noticed the ring he gave me on our first month was not where it should be. I shrugged since I would be late if I came back for it still.

Later in the afternoon, I went to my unit to get my swim gear. I still did not wear my ring because I was going to swim and I do not want it to corrode.

That evening, I realized it was missing and he was coming over!!! I was so upset. I was looking for it in the usual places where it should be and it was not there. I was close to tears when he got to the unit. He did not get upset when he realized I lost it, while helping me look for it he comforted me that he could always get a new one. I told him I did not want a new one. A new one will never fit as perfectly as what I have lost does in my finger. It will never be able to replace that warm feeling I get when I look at it. Already, I was missing the feeling of having it in my ring finger. After probably more than an hour of searching, I said a quiet prayer and decided to check my bed. Lo and behold! There lay my missing ring!!! How it got there, I really do not know! I never take my ring off in bed. But it was there and I could not care less how it got there. I was just too happy to find it.

There are times when little problems, tend to make us brush something so important aside. Losing my ring made me realize that I should never take what we have for granted because no matter how young the relationship is, it has become a very big part of me. Though I can always enter into another one, it will never feel the same way as I do in this relationship. Quietly, I vowed to always mind where I place my ring and my relationship. My ring in my jewelry box and my relationship in my heart.


Kiko said...

Naku.. "personal slave".. tsk tsk.
Only a girl who with a wrong notion of marriage would think of that term.

So drop it.

dRaMaQuEeN said...

hehe... I failed to mention I was also PMS-ing :D

You're right. From now on, I won't think of it that way! :D