Friday, October 07, 2005

Food Trip

For the past two weeks we have been dining out to several restos haha... No wonder we're both gaining weight. I guess all that jogging makes us feel we have the right to eat more haha! Whoever said jogging will make you lose weight has not met people like us. I wonder if this is also true for other people.

North Park Posted by Picasa
Sept. 29, we ate at North Park.Hearty meal but we got to finish in time to get us home before Pinoy Big Brother! We are hooked to that show lately. I don't understand why but we are haha! I know it's really low but can you blame us, I guess there is a hint of voyeurs in all of us. Or is it just us?

Seafood Club Posted by Picasa
Sept. 30, we ate at The Seafood Club. It took so long before they served our food... we almost missed the beginning of the film Dubai. Okay before you start rolling with laughter, it was actually a decent film except for the part where Aga Muhlach started a monologue at another guy's wedding... it was not even his wedding! The groom never got to speak in the scene... Can't blame Star Cinema though, airfare is expensive and visa processing is a hassle so they just got some guy from Dubai though he cannot act hehe... It was not a love story though, as some people might think... not the romantic love story at least, it's a love story of siblings. We all know how the sibling topic can be a tear jerker at times... At least those with siblings would know anyway. Going back to Seafood Club... it took them a long time before they can serve our food that by the time our food arrived, we have already two origami crabs sitting on the table and lots of pictures taken in the resto. Their food was not bad though... just don't order chicken there haha :)) The seafood fondue was good... The dipping part was a bit tiring though.
Oct. 1, my graduation we ate at the umm... what's the name of the resto at Blue Wave? umm... The Great Pallate? It serves seafood too. We ate there with my family. *** finally got to meet my father. Papa seems to like him. :) After Blue Wave we went to EK which is my previous entry already.

Oct. 4, we ate at the Shawarma Snack Center at Malate. They have the yummiest Shawarma there!!! Super!!! You have to try it... Now if only I can remember what street it is in... It's the street before Pedro Gil coming from Luneta, in front of the L.A. Cafe. It's not hard to find.

Oody's Posted by Picasa
Oct.5, our 5th month we ate at Oodys! This was soh funny coz this month we had techie gifts for one another... He gave me an MMC card for my 6630 and I gave him a flash drive coz he lost his! I was thrilled! More pictures to store in my phone!!! After dinner we also got movie tickets for Into The Blue. The story as expected is not that impressive. There is one character there whose purpose is unknown, although I must say her character kept us guessing... I suppose we were hoping that there's more to the story than there actually was. Noteworthy however, were Jessica Alba's buns! They are just way too perfect! Wow! How is that humanly possible? :) Before we saw the movie, we also got to play at Time Zone. We got to shoot some hoops and then we played Grand BishiBashu hehe... If you have not tried that, you should. It's super fun! We wanted to do Daytona but we ran out of time. We almost (yet again) missed the beginning of the film. We're habitual buzzer beaters!

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